Improvements for the current media/asset-managment modules

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Improvements for the or a selected existing "media-/asset-managment"-module.

Current solutions are a good base for small sites but lack some essential features IMO for bigger solutions like e.g. intranet-solutions (e.g. file integration of external files stored on a NAS without a needed upload).

Unfortunately I am no programmer but I can provide support with UI, UX & Workflow-Design/Ideas. I am also Betatester for Adobe and know all current solutions which work very well as desktop apps.



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Maybe I missed the latest developments due to much project work: -> Tutorial with Screenshots

Need to really check out the latest things but I am sure that improvements are necessary / possible.

So despite the fact that we

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So despite the fact that we have three (Media, Asset, Scald), you want someone to write a fourth one?
Bad idea, and well beyond the scope of GSoC (those are huge projects).

A specific idea to extend Scald or Media (or whatever your favorite flavor is, mine is Scald) in a specific way is the only way to get traction here.

Agree with bojanz. All three

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Agree with bojanz. All three modules are OK, but lack some functionality. It would be better to work on existing solutions to make them awesome IMO.

Janez Urevc - software engineer @ - @slashrsm -

Agree too

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Of course I totally agree with you !!! Therefore I changed the title. Do you think that´s a better description?

The big question is which module to choose?

I don´t really understand from the technical view why there are 3 so different modules or how they are so different?

All in all I would love some new features which should then work for all these existing modules? Do you think this is possible?

Simply history reasons.

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Simply history reasons. Multiple people wanted to solve this problem and they started to work on different solutions.

Time will show which one will become standard solution.....

Janez Urevc - software engineer @ - @slashrsm -


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SCALD/ ASSET/ Media. Concentrated efforts on one may be of value?

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