Visiting Mongolia - would like to meet/help other Drupalers

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Hi folks,
I'm going to be in Mongolia for 2-3 weeks from mid-August 2013 (doing a charity rally with the family), and would love to meet up with other Drupalers, and would be happy to swap tips and/or help out with website work going on, especially sites for nonprofit or charitable organisations. I've been building sites with Drupal for about 7 years. I don't write modules, but have a lot of site configuration and theming experience I'm happy to share.

(If it's any help, I know some Russian, but sadly no Mongolian -- yet!)



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Hi, Frost,

Nice to know that you are visiting Mongolia. For me, it will be great to meet with you when u here and discuss about Drupal etc., I am sure our friends and drupal users would also like to meet with u.

PS: Russian will be helpful but I guess most people know English to some extent.


Batpurev, That's great! I've

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That's great! I've never visited your country so am really looking forward to it, and it would be great to meet you and other Drupalers there.

Are you in/near Ulaanbaatar?

hi Mike, Yes I am in

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hi Mike,

Yes I am in Ulaanbaatar and i would like to take ur volunteer help on one of website we are planning to develop for Mongolian Association of Tuberculosis Association. We need assistance on its design/template specially. If you have time i would also like u to meet an Australian volunteer who is helping this NGO to get its website done. If it is someting u can help us then it will be greatly appreciated.


Great, would be glad to

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Great, would be glad to help!
I'm in Astana, Kazakhstan now, so should be with you in 2-3 weeks. Note that I don't have regular internet access, but if you could PM me your contact details - a mobile phone number (I can text you from mine) and your address in Ulaanbaatar that would be great!
See you soon!


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