I will attend DrupalCon Portland 2013 20th - 24th MAY

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I will attend DrupalCon Portland 2013 20th - 24th MAY. Anyone from Pakistan attending DrupalCon Portland?


I am attending from Pakistan

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Attending ..


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so nice,

who is going in ur team Burkan ?

I am Muhammad Iqbal .. a professional Web Developer in PHP and Drupal, working as Senior Drupal Developer at FIGOVER Web Development Team. Also I organized two Drupal Camps in Islamabad. First Drupal Camp Page is https://groups.drupal.org/node/357553 and


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Going myself only this time. Will take team in Prague

Are you going as well?

Nice step

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Congrats! enjoy and feel the exposure of drupal community. have a nice and safe trip.

Thanks Umair

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Thanks Umair..

Past experience

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Thank you every one for response, I am going to attend first time, can anyone share past experience about previous drupalcon? How to get more benefit from event?


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The most important thing about this event is that it is a social event. Meet as many people as you can and focus on creating relationships with a few people you get along with!

All the talks are recorded and you can always watch them later. Focus more on going to the BoFs where you can ask more questions and answer others questions because you will create more connections that way then just sitting in an audience listening. I also think you learn more if the communication is 2 way.

My 2 cents!


p.s. This will be my 4th DrupalCon!

Only 2 cents !!!

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@Elijah Lynn you told the key advise in just 2 cents. BTW you are pretty much right, Its a Social Event.


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Thanks for the advice.. It's my first drupalcon but i totally agree with you that we should we focus on making good connections.

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I had to cancel attendance. Contact ausimpson@msn.com 360-437-8220
DrupalCon Portland Customer Care, Apr 27 11:19 pm (PDT):
Hello Anthony,
You can certainly cancel your registration, but it is non-refundable. We have made the process of transferring tickets is easy though so you just need to find someone to purchase your ticket. Once you have that person, please let us know your order number, the new person's name, email address, and drupal.org username.
Thank you,
--James N

Great to know that Aliya

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Great to know that Aliya Yasir and Barkan Saeed are going to attend DrupalCon Portland.

You are Ambassador there.

drupalcon portland ticket available

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Best offer...please use my contact form: http://groups.drupal.org/user/133443/contact

Thanks Khurram

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Thanks Khurram.. On my way to Portland now :)

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