LGNL Import

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I've been thinking of developing a D7 module to import the Local Government Navigation List (LGNL) and create the taxonomies/menus etc. I'm just wondering whether there's a demand for such a module.

Is there anyone here who builds local government websites on Drupal who could use this functionality?


In my opinion to be honest I

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In my opinion to be honest I don't think there would be a huge demand for it. I think, speaking to other Council's I've met, a lot of them are moving away from the LGNL and going for different ideas and things.

Fair enough

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Thanks for your reply, gdhp. I think I'll go ahead and do it as a learning exercise but won't shed too many tears if no-one wants it ;-)



Still learning and trying to help...


Here's my public key: http://www.wespacker.com/pubkey