Adelaide Tech meet, 29th May

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2013-05-29 19:00 - 20:00 Australia/Adelaide
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Level 9, 80 King William Street, Adelaide

Wednesday the 29th of May

Talks 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Food'n'Drinks 8:00pm - late

Lightning Talk Topics;
- Simon; ProxMox - Virtualisation Linux Distro (15min)
- Kim: (15min)
- Joel; FreeDV push to talk using Hamlib (5min)
- Mark Jessop; Horus 32, photos from todays luanch (5min)
- 5-15 minute Lightning slots <- your talk here

After the meet, we will head out for some food'n'drink and more discussion. Or stay and tinker along side HackerSpace folks =)

We are moving the Adelaide Tech meet to the last Wednesday of the month.


Bakery with distributed menu system

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We will discuss a project of ours and the approach that we have taken to merge d5 and d7 sites together which includes single sign on, merging of users on D7 table with updated password schemas and distributed menu system across D5 and D7 version utilizing Bakery module architecture.

Talks this month

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Hi chhpy001,

We will be having talks for about an hour. So depending on how many speakers are submitting, we will probably end up with up to four lightning talks of about 15 minutes each... We will be providing a power and a projector.

Would you like to give me a name and a talk title? So I can put it on the program and email out the new venue, time and date changes.



Hi Kim

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Hi Kim,
Sorry about the confusion. Somehow i had the dates mixed up. I thought the event was on Thursday the 30 June as it falls on the last Thursday of the month. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it on Wed as i have other precommitment but will work towards next month's meetup.

Kind Regards,


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