GOSCON Drupal booth needs volunteers

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2009-11-05 09:00 - 17:00 UTC

GOSCON DC is a special production of the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) designed to meet the needs of senior IT executives of federal agencies and regional state and local government.

Now more than ever governments across the world are turning to open source software (OSS) as it impacts the way they procure, resource, collaborate, develop and rapidly deploy information technology to support of their organization's mission and goals.

The Drupal community has been granted a booth at OSCON. We are looking for members of the Drupal community that can staff the booth and help provide some booth infrastructure like a monitor and extension cord in the DC area. We will be providing a Drupal banner to DC and providing some marketing materials. Tim Bertrand will be attending the booth for the whole day but we would like to have more members from the Drupal community to represent the project.


I would love to attend What can I do to help

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how can I help prepare to promote Drupal. a little back ground on myself :

My name is Bryan Colligan VP of FinalView.com
and Owner of Apollo Matrix LLC www.apollomatrix.com (SEO delivery)

My background is as a Department of Defense Developer with Oracle and Branched out on my own over a year ago.. within that time period I started launching CMS based Social Networks. None of which have really took off, however in that time I met Final View and began working with them on a combined project and found them out to be one of the best delivery teams in the world.

I have personally built the following websites:

and Project managed:

www.fec.gov (Data base architecture and Workflow Processes)

--Bryan Colligan


Happy to help

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We, Forum One (http://www.forumone.com), would be happy to help man the booth and can also provide some of the equipment you said you needed as well. We're a 40 person web development and strategy firm based in Alexandria VA. We've deployed about 25 Drupal sites in the past year and a half for nonprofits & ngos - some include,

The Center for Strategic & International Studies www.csis.org
The United States Institute of Peace www.usip.org
The National Council of State Housing Agencies, www.ncsha.org
And about 12 sites for various Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantees.

We're also on the GSA schedule and do a fair amount of strategic web planning for federal clients - we've worked with the EPA, USDA, Census, DOE, and others to help them establish their online strategies.

If you're still looking for volunteers, please give me a ring - 703.548.1855 x33.


I'm going and signed up

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So, how do we volunteer for this? Is there a time to be at the booth? Just wanted to know what to expect and how to help.

Just a minor kind of drupal geeky girl and for the US government no less!

Happy to help

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I've manned more booths than I care to admit, and will be at GOSCON, so I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Goooooooooooooooooo Drupal!

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

I am going too

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I am going to be there and would love to help out.

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