Lightweight Twitter Bootstrap theme

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This is a lighter and more user-friendly alternative of the Bootstrap theme. It's ready to use out of the box. Perfect for blogging and documentation.

Key features:

  • Automatic carousel animation
  • Full-featured navbar
  • Affixed sidebars for social plugins
  • Special regions for counters and trackers
  • ...





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Soot me down in flames if you disagree, but something that bothers me about these TwBs themes is the use of Libraries for something as core to the theme as Twitter Bootstrap. Add to that if you want to load a custom version of the JS or CSS you got to put that in Libraries?

To my mind "Libraries" is for stuff that is universal like TinyMCE or but I like to work with the less files and trim down the JS. So I would need to do the same to this theme as to Bootstrap theme, create a sub-theme and override the CSS and JS calls.

Another thing that should be part of the theme is jQuery version update. I do not use Bootstrap as an admin theme, and have found before that jQuery 1.7 messed with Views UI. Should this not also be part of the theme?

I couldn't agree more here.

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I couldn't agree more here. That being said, we might end up putting library support in regardless (#1852332: Integrate with the Libraries API module).

I'm -1 though on yet another Bootstrap "theme" though. So much work has gone into trying to consolidate all these one off themes into one project (#1594508: Merge in other d.o Bootstrap projects). They're just duplicating projects and should be merged in or submit feature requests.

I've already opened an issue with this project to rectify this issue: Merge with the offical Bootstrap project on d.o

Absolutely. Also, the bespoke

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Absolutely. Also, the bespoke theme needs to support panels very well. Panels is the future of theming and the bootstrap theme needs to utilize ctools styles and panel panes to reproduce bootstrap components. Cheers Kevin


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I'm going to play with Tweme tonight!