Bridge Commons with Drupal Commerce!

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It would be great if Commons was integrated with Drupal Commerce.
So as every Commerce site has social network features!


Is this possible to have on

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Is this possible to have on the Front end a commerce site using Drupal commerce and on the backend a Commons site i.e. the groups etc of Commons?

Commons and Commerce are not

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Commons and Commerce are not two different products but rather two different configurations ("installation profiles") of the same product — Drupal core + contributed modules. If you want the combined functionality provided by both configurations you'll need to look at the modules and configuration settings for each and come up with a set of modules and configurations that do what you want. It's not quite as easy as that may sound, however, because configuration settings can be complex but it's technically doable. If you're not familiar with the installation and configuration of Drupal core + contributed modules you'd probably save yourself a lot of work by finding/hiring someone who is.

Hi James, thanks for the

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Hi James,
thanks for the answer.I am familiar with Drupal code + contributed modules.
But as far as I know,Commons was under heavy coding so as to integrate all these features together.This is what I am trying to avoid.But I think,if I install Commons,then I can install Commerce and its submodules.
Thanks again

If you don't need a lot of

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If you don't need a lot of the functionality that Commerce Kickstart provides out of the box, then you should be able to easily integrate a Commons + Commerce site together. Commons is an install profile, so you'd need to use that as your 'core', and then enable any Commerce modules you need and do any customization for those separately.

At first glance I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be a relatively simple process, there are no underlying architectural reasons why they won't work together.

Hi Joseph, this is what I

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Hi Joseph,
this is what I tried an hour or so before.And it was successful!
Yes,I installed Commons as Core and the setup the Commerce module and worked!
I will experiment with this.
Thanks anyway for your answer!