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Abandoned Shopping Cart Class Interest?

So, we're thinking of hosting an, "Abandoned Shopping Cart Class" all around Drupal Commerce. Would there be any interest in this?

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Module Canada Post shipping - Drupal Commerce


Est-ce quelqu'un de vous a déjà configuré le module de livraison
Poste Canada dans Drupal Commerce ?

J'ai activé le module mais je ne le vois pas dans ma section livraison.

Merci !

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integrating MTC payment gateway in drupal commerce

Is there any sandbox module integrate MTC (MarocTélecommerce) payment gateway?
The MTC have already developed plugins for many e-commerce platforms http://www.maroctelecommerce.com/ressources.php except drupal commerce.
Developing this module is a need of all morocco drupal community. For that, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone of you have an experience in online payment in morocco.

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Drupal Subscription/Membership Site Solution Architect | FCF

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We have been looking at Infusionsoft for CRM/Recurring Billing management, for a new site we have just started building, and it has just been suggested that Ubercart or Magento might satisfy most or all of our needs.

So, we’re looking for understanding the capabilities of Ubercart and Magento, from someone who has been there and done that -- for our business model.

Or, someone really familiar with Infusionsoft if that’s the route we wind up taking.

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Drupal Commerce developer | CyberNet Communications

Employment type: 

We are looking for a front end developer to help and advise on a Drupal 7 project being migrated to from a current Drupal 6 project. Most of the site is set up already. The project is expected to go live by the last week of October.

The work is specifically focused on Drupal Commerce products and creating and configuring Rules. The organization sells subscription based memberships and registrations to its yearly conferences. There may be other areas as well where another set of eyes will be helpful.

The project requires:

  • extensive experience with Drupal Commerce and Rules
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Custom Drupal Module Developer | Robinson Design

Employment type: 

Thank you - the search for this position is now closed.

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Rules distance calculator for Drupal Commerce


So for Drupal Commerce, Rules is used for calculating shipping.

In my case, I want to calculate shipping based on distance...EG:

0 - 25 miles FREE
25 - 50 miles £10
50 - 100 miles £25

This would require that rules takes the customer postcode, and compares it to my postcode using Google Maps to find out the distance, and then spits out the price.

The problem is I have no idea how to do this in Rules! So any help would be very much appreciated.

Magento Cart have something similar as a plugin, but I've seen nothing for any other ecommerce systems.

Many thanks, Joe

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Drupal Commerce : Clonar Product Variations / Product Display

Boa Noite,

Precisava de clonar no Drupal Commerce a entidade product variations com o seu product display, pois existem vários produtos que embora diferentes...a base já está criada, era mais fácil clonar e depois alterar do que refazer de novo para cada tipo de produto estas entidades, para não falar dos manage display que tinham que ser individualmente criados...

Alguém já passou pelo mesmo ?


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Web Developer-Designer | xTuple

Employment type: 
Full time

Web Developer-Designer

Job Summary:

The full-time, non-contracted staff position involves heavy Drupal module development, theme creation and implementation as well as adherence to Drupal coding standards. xTuple’s database is tightly integrated with the Drupal database, so duties involve making sure the two systems continue to talk to each other. Current code is D6 with planned migration to D7 or 8 within a year. Please no inquiries from outsourced programming shops. All product development is performed by direct xTuple staff, trained xTuple partners and customers, or members of our open source community.


  • 2+ years of Drupal programming experience
  • Communicate and coordinate with marketing team, including in-house graphic designer
  • Maintain user-focused blogs/websites, including e-commerce
  • Perform updates to social media
  • Experience working in and customizing PHP-based CMS - particularly Drupal and WordPress
  • Manage xTuple's Google Domain, Analytics, and Docs
  • Ability to manage tasks and workflow to meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills and easily adaptable to evolving priorities
  • Strong attention to detail/project management skills
  • Work on Mac optional (xTuple is cross-platform and runs natively on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile)
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Ubercart VS. Drupal Commerce

Hola, les quiero compartir un análisis que estoy haciendo para definir qué módulo usar como plataforma de e-commerce para un sitio en Drupal 7. Estoy comenzando a hacer el análisis y lo posteo acá para que puedan agregar información y experiencias. Hasta ahora tuve una buena experiencia en Drupal 6 con Ubercart, ahora estoy desarrollando un sitio nuevo en Drupal 7 y quería evaluar antes de elegir un módulo.
Pueden comentar por acá o directo en el sitio, lo que sumen lo voy agregando al artículo para que quede más completo: http://eduardoamaral.com.ar/content/ubercart-vs-drupal-commerce

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