Display Suite and Responsive Themes

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If I want to use an off-the-shelf "responsive" theme, will Display Suite still function properly? Or will it make the pages "non-responsive"? Is there anything I need to be aware of when using Display Suite and responsive themes?


Display Suite and Responsive

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In my experience Display Suite will be not only fine, but a great asset to a responsive design (with the caveats that I’m not sure what you mean by 'non-responsive' or what css the themes you have in mind).

DS comes with templates that use percentage based widths.

Furthermore, part of the versatility of DS is that you can add your own custom templates, and this will allow you (or your Themer) to use breakpoints to change the layout as required.

Display Suite's templates do

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Display Suite's templates do use percentage widths, but they dont come with breakpoint-specific CSS, so they don't wrap. This can look a bit odd at smaller resolutions.

Its quite easy to fix though, just find the breakpoints at which you expect it to wrap and add floating and clearing classes for the DS displays.

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