New Bootstrap Module - TB Mega Menu

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TB Mega Menu module allows you to create a mega menu at ease. Below are some of TB Mega Menu module's features:

  • Synchronized with Drupal core menu, auto updated if there’s any change with Drupal core menu
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Responsive ready
  • Multiple built-in styles designed with years of theming experience
  • Visual and friendly user interface - what you see is what you get
  • Custom style for each element of your mega menu, just input extra css class name
  • Multiple built-in CSS3 animated effects
  • Work independently with themes

Try TB Mega Menu at: Current download package is still development version, beta version is expected next week.

*Updated - new download package is available, most of open issues were fixed and UI tuning

Bootstrap in TB Mega Menu
TB Mega Menu is developed with a customized version of Bootstrap (built-in). The reason behind having a customized Bootstrap is to prevent any conflicts between TB Mega Menu's and currently used theme's css style that could ruin partially/totally the whole design of either/both component(s).

If you find any issues/bugs, please report it here:

More awesome features are coming in later releases. And please feel free to discuss/feedback/suggest/ask a question.


Hey Talengix, I thought

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Hey Talengix,

I thought group's organizer has 'admin' role and is able to monitor all the posts. I think we should report to Drupal about this. But not sure who we should talk to..
Yes this is annoying!

ThemeBrain - new generation of Drupal theming

Hello Greate module! I totaly

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Greate module! I totaly love menu builder in admin section!

I am trying to create mega menu like on

Is it posible to add some functionality to your module?

*checkbox for ajax content load
*checkbox for vertical and horisontal tabs (ability to show tabs on click or hover)

Similar example of mega menu

Hi vitkuz, Thanks for your

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Hi vitkuz,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will discuss about those in our planning meeting. I'll let you know once the decision is made.

ThemeBrain - new generation of Drupal theming

I would be interested to

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I would be interested to learn more about how this module compares to For panels users, which is better and why? Thanks for the great module. Cheers Kevin

Any news regarding tabs in

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Any news regarding tabs in megamenu?