Drupal Social Initiative Use Cases and User Stories

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Add your personal stories (as an end-user, site administrator or developer) as to what you want to see happen in the Drupal Social Initiative. Also, how do we want to interact/integrate with external social networks? Then we can prioritise and create issues specific to Social API and perhaps add User Interface Tests.

The following list is a few to get started - please add your own

  • As a publisher I would like to be able to write once and publish to many social networks.
    The aim here is to incorporate within the node publication mechanisms to push content out to other networks.
  • As a social media user I would like to be able to [share | tweet | pin] posts and have the right image and text offered.
    Using elements like OpenGraph to provide the supported 'hints' for the images and text to use as opposed to obliging the social network to scrape the page.
  • As a contrib module developer I would like to have common api functions available to me.
  • As a site manager I would like all of my social media credentials/identities managed centrally.
  • As a Drupal developer I would like to have one module for including a stream of tweets on my site.
  • j0rd: for each site I make, unfortunately clients always want social shares. My problem is any third party plugin embed can/will destroy front end performance. What I need is an addthis type JavaScript to embed the 3rd party shares with best front end performance and ideally have a nice drupal back end to deal with the Meta title / description / image / movie headers.
  • dahacouk: Social Media Dashboard – Aggregate all my activity and my friends' activity from all my social networks into one dashboard where I can configure the display of that information.
  • Download friends' lists
  • Posting/sharing to pages in external social networks
  • dahacouk: Import Facebook groups wholesale into Drupal?
  • What else?...