Drupal Sales and Service Integration

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The Drupal sales and service integration module come from a long live idea we have had about an ideal model where a company, using software and procedures, can have a model where customers receive a better service across the organization, and sales forces can have a better experience while offering products and services.

There are tons of Drupal modules oriented to these two goals, our proposal is to help create an integration among them so an scenario like this: bit.ly/14TBPpE is possible.

Drupal Sales And Service it's not an attempt to recreate the complicated systems that are needed to provide its desired functionality, but to be the glue to hold this together.

The idea is to use the functionality either already existing in contrib modules or new sub-modules to provide:
1. E-commerce experience
2. CRM
3. Call Center like services
4. Marketing Automation beyond the website
5. ERP interconnections
6. Support system for issues
7. (Feel free to add here)

The big deal is, this is an integration module. Each one of those functionalities are a monster by themselves, most of them already exist, so the idea is to use them and provide an all around experience for the sales and service departments of a company.

If we can get traction, and help, we are ready to start designing and discovering.


La idea es buena, pero

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La idea es buena, pero estaria mejor comunicarla a toda la comunidad de drupal, tengo entendido que el objetivo de los grupos como Colombia es hablar de asuntos regionales

Hola, Gracias por el

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Hola, Gracias por el comentario.

Lo puse tambien en las comunidades donde potencialmente podriamos participar y encontrar apoyo. y en la de ideas de nuevos modulos, claro esta.