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Drupal Sales and Service Integration

The Drupal sales and service integration module come from a long live idea we have had about an ideal model where a company, using software and procedures, can have a model where customers receive a better service across the organization, and sales forces can have a better experience while offering products and services.

There are tons of Drupal modules oriented to these two goals, our proposal is to help create an integration among them so an scenario like this: is possible.

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[GSOC: Proposal] Port Og_panels to D7 and Improve Message notify to make it the source of email notifications

Providing customizable Group homepages by updating the OG_Panels module to Drupal 7 and "Making it possible to reply to GDO notifications through email by integrating message notify and mailcomment.module"


I would like to work for D.O. this summer, so thinking to contribute to G.D.O. tasks. It [ ] is going to be migrated in D7. Two of the tasks is to port og_panels module to D7 and extend message_notify to improve & make it source of email notifications. So would love to pick these two tasks up.


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[GSOC: Proposal] Polldaddy integration

Name : Nitesh Kumar
Email :
Irc nick : nit3ch
twitter : nit3ch
skype : nitesh-bhardwaj
blog :
github :
I am currently a student of B.Tech in information technology at Engineering College Bikaner.

Have you contributed to a open source project before?
I am a mozilla campus representative for our college.

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Drupal modules requirements control tool

The tool what could automatically detect any unsatisfied requirements when installing Drupal modules and find a way to resolve by searching and suggesting to user to download&install required packages, could be really useful and helpful.

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what happen if some one copy my idea and submit it which i posted here

im new to summer of code but this time i have an idea to do something new with drupal. actually this is a newbie question and im asking this because this is a really a problem to me. if i have a new idea which has not been submitted as a proposal, and if i posted it here, what happen if someone copy it and submit?

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Idea: a settings api for drupal & the problem with the existing methods

As we all know, one of Drupal's major shortcomings is exporting configuration. I believe that the source of this problem is that there is no standard way to store and retrieve settings. Most modules use variable_get and variable_set. The problem with this is that there is no association between a variable and a module.

I propose an api for saving and retrieving settings. I am currently working on a settings module as a proof of concept.

Here is a glimpse of the current api:

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File Field Archive module

Hi all,

This is to fulfill a fairly urgent client need, so if I don't get feedback in the next 12 hours or so I'm going to build this anyway, but whether I release it or not depends on feedback here. I can't find anything like it, but if anyone can think of a smarter way to achieve this with existing contrib, let me know. Here's what my client needs:

  1. "Archived" in this context means moved to another physical location to free disk space
  2. We want the ability to specify either a date or a time period after which files in a specific file field should be archived
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Ideas on a tagging system to work ideas.

I've started this thread to try to make some kind of skeleton structure and workflow to help shape ideas in the community. This started with the OSC 2009 Nagoya thread.

You can join in the wiki page over here

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Integration of Mozilla firefox addon with drupal

A proposal to integrate tool with drupal to create mozilla firefox addon for the every site created by any user based on drupal. It can be implemented by integrating a feature at the installation process, to ask the user if he/she wants a mozilla firefox addon for his/her site then it will ask further details about what features user wants to add in the addon. The addon using drupal API will show content from the site based on drupal. Since the API is same in all case, a common process for every site will be used.

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Idea: "Trust" module

I'm building/have built a social networking site, and coming across Twine made me realize that it would be nice to build some kind of "Trust" module, where users could specify what level of trust they attribute to others, and this trust level would affect how content shows up and is organized.

Trust Levels

Specifically, I'm thinking of 5 levels of trust:
* Always Hide - Essentially equivalent to "block user," this would make it so the blocker doesn't see any content from the blocked user

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