Planning a 3 Day Drupal Training in colleges

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Based on recent training, came up with some below defaults to quickly assist those who are organising Drupal Training in Colleges. Look for suggestions from other Trainers to get details!

Request Volunteers from community to join the training program

For a student audience of 60, we will approximately require 10-15 volunteers over 3 days.

Maintain a Google sheet that captures the contact details of Trainers, Speakers using the Drupal Training template.

Identify Speakers & Trainers. It is very important that you have trainers walking around to help students while we have the Speaker present the different sessions.

Organise Curriculum

Recommended beginner Curriculum

A brief introduction about training, LAMP Stack, and Drupal
Installing Drupal (Virtualhost, settings.php, files, clean URL, mod rewrite, )
Drupal Architecture - Users Management, Content Management, Taxonomy, Permissions
Quiz Session

Day 2:
Drupal Module development (Hello world, showing welcome message on user login, Simple database CURD example, etc.)
Introduce Contributed modules
Community & Career opportunities
Quiz Session

Day 3
Discuss assignment

Requirement at the Venue

Server setup for Configuration and Development in Drupal

Windows OS => WAMP Application Server need to be installed (
Linux OS => LAMP Application Server need to be installed (

Komodo Editor (

WIFI/Internet Connection or a folder with the latest version of
Drupal, Contributed modules, Contributed themes