D8 Module Sprint

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2013-08-09 09:00 - 23:55 Europe/Zurich
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User group meeting

INVITATION to participate with the "Drupal Events" D8 Module Sprint

D8 is stable and developed enough to start working on module development. Needless to say that it is the modules that make Drupal so powerfull. Therefore it is logic that we need to start thinking about the many modules that make a Drupal site great.
Therefore, we like to organize a sprint to get a large group of developers, testers, documenters etc... together, working on porting - as many as possible - popular modules to D8 such that these are available from the earliest moments on.

We will do this on Friday 9. August 2013

Therefore, Drupal Users Switzerland, this is your call to arms. Please sign up, Please let us know what module you would like to work on. Please provide some reasoning for your module selection so there is no second guessing.

Looking forward to your signup and suggestions...

Cheers Jos

ps: any questions, tip, tricks, email or call me... :-)


If you join, please also add

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If you join, please also add yourself to the Google doc spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjbTWnTTF3ildDE3MHh2WVdQelR....

Please also specify which project you want to work on, if you know that already (If not, we'll find something for you to work on). And add if you will be sprinting locally in Zurich or remote.

The location of the sprint in Zurich is: Hermetschloostrasse 77, CH-8048 Zürich. Google Map link

The sprint is almost here. You too?

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Why not write some cool code while it's hot outside? Also the effect of fixing a bug or even have it well test covered and committed is better than any victory of a computer game battle.
Sprinting is the new element to improve your work-life balance! :-)

We are already preparing the sprint and doing research on what is ready to get started for the different levels of participants.

This sprint is unique in it's kind: Some of the most active Drupal 8 core contributors from europe will be here and help you get started for FREE. There's no training you can book with that amount of knowhow available or i doubt you can afford it.

At MD Systems, we start porting the most important of our modules we maintain and make them ready for Drupal 8 NOW. Already 12 days ago, Berdir was able to submit the first Drupal 8 TMGMT job to the Microsoft translator. We learn about new features and patterns within Drupal 8 hands on, adapt them to the contrib ecosystem and also discover core problems and help fixing them.

Drupal 8 will rock the web! We truly are confident its new features will bring us a completely new era and thus we recommend to already plan new complex projects at least with the new technology in mind.

So if you missed it yet, hurry up and sign up for the event starting this friday.
See you! ;-)

Presentation completed

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We already started with a presentation from Berdir about the new stuff in D8 that is likely relevant for most modules.

Here's the presentation:

The Hangout will stay open for the rest of the day! ;-)
In case there's some followup topic specific presentation or get-together, you can participate. (There's some limitation in participants... We will coordinate in IRC)

We coordinate the tasks using trello:

Join us at #drupal-contribute during the day - happy contributing!


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Märci! Konzis ausgearbeitete Präse.

PHILIPP-SCHAFFNER.COM {Text 3.0 & Web 3.0}

Call for Drupal 8 Contrib Sprints

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Find a short wrapup of our D8 Module Sprint here at MD Systems (in german).
Awesome progress was made at that event - thank you all for joining us!

Also it picks up the topic of organizing further Drupal 8 Contrib Sprints worldwide.
I hope sprints will take place all over the world to make maintainers love Drupal 8 early.

We will stay on track and continue to organize monthly events and sprints till core is out. Drupal is awesome. Again.


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