Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013: Session Submissions!

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Dear Drupal Expert,

The 2013 Pacific Northwest (PNW) Drupal Summit will take place October 5-6 in Vancouver, B.C. and we would like to invite you to present at the conference!

The PNW Drupal Summit is an annual event organized by Drupal professionals for Drupal professionals residing in British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana. This is the fifth annual summit and we have a great weekend planned with exciting sessions, fun social activities, BOFs and plenty of opportunities for networking, all taking place in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

There will be four session tracks this year:

  • Development and Code
  • Community, Business and Project Management
  • Information Architecture and Administration
  • Design and Theming

Unlike some Drupal camps, the PNW Drupal Summit tends to be attended by folks with at least intermediate Drupal experience. This means that presenters can quickly dive in to their subject matter and provide a stimulating session without being too concerned that their audience will be scrambling to follow basic Drupal concepts. Registrations will be capped at around 250 participants so you can expect a reasonably intimate venue with excellent opportunities for dialogue with the audience.

If you haven’t presented before, don’t be shy. As you can see from the session track themes, you need not be a developer to speak at the summit. If you’ve got some knowledge that’s Drupal related, write up a proposal and submit it. Not only is presenting the best way to learn something, but speaking is one of the best ways to meet others in the Drupal open source and business communities. For examples of past presentations see the 2012 Summit Program.

Session submissions will be accepted through August 24th, so get busy and submit your session. After voting closes, presentations will be selected and announced in September.

We look forward to seeing your proposal!


2013 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit Organizing Committee


Submission page broken

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The submission page and register page both return a permission denied error.

Here's the registration link:

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Here's the registration link:

I'm not receiving any issues when accessing this page. Make sure that you've registered for the conference before submitting a session!

The schedule overview link is broken

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When you click on this from the menu you get Access Denied. Hopefully you don't have to register to see that info.

Hey, Jcost, where did you see

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Hey, Jcost, where did you see that link? I don't see where you actually found that page.

Session schedule link

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From the Overview page off the Conference menu:

And from the FAQ page:

I've fixed this. Thanks for

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I've fixed this. Thanks for the catch.