WI August Meet-up

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2013-08-14 13:00 - 15:00 America/Chicago

Hi everyone. I'm looking to see if there is interest in a Monthly meet-up. At the Drupal Camp WI there was talk of having regular monthly meetings again.

Let's meet next Wednesday (14th) from 1-3pm at Union South. Sort of an informal meet-up where people can come when they want and we can work through different problems. I'll be there the entire time and I'll will be hacking my way through Organic Groups & SASS. I'll post a message here to let people know where I'm sitting.




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Thanks for organizing -- I'll try to be there.

Can't make it!

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I have a standing meeting every Wed from 1-3. I'd love to make it next time if it's a different time or day.


No can do

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I will be out of town....


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Hopefully some people are able to make it. I'm over by the Ginger Root in Union South (aka closer to Johnson st). I have a green shirt on and have a Drupalicon too.


Sorry to have missed it, I'm

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Sorry to have missed it, I'm interested in regular meetups but it's hard to make it during week day hours.


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