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What's your idea?

Sidebar navigation which expands/contracts without the need to reload page each time.

What are the benefits?

Better user experience when browsing documentation and other content.

What are the risks?

How can we measure the impact of this idea? (metrics)

Who directly benefits from / will use this improvement? (target audiences)

Anyone browsing documentation and non docs book pages content on, e.g. press-releases.

Are additional resources available for discovery/implementation? (volunteer effort, financial backing, etc.)

There was some research on the topic already:


Making the documentation a first-class citizen

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This is absolutely essential if we want world domination (cough! cough!) I mean "save the universe" (or at least see the Drupal running 10% of websites, like Dries said). This is more urgent now, given the changes in D8.

"Making the documentation a first-class citizen" - this was the title of my idea, until I found this one... :)

I dream of something like this:!/guide/dev_api_changes

I'd pay for it, since I can not help with the doc team (my English is poor). In fact, I am providing my international credit card to guarantee my Drupal Association hat (it must be more than just talk).

The end is near... so let's rock! 2014 roadmap brainstorming

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