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MelioSystems - Drupal development company

Melio Systems is into SMAC ( Social Mobile Analytics Cloud ) space. We work on web applications development with PHP based frameworks like Drupal, Wordpress; Ruby on Rails, Responsive Design, HTML/CSS/CSS3. Mobile Applications development in iOS, Android, cross platform with phonegap, HTML5. Our solutions include Data analysis and Visualization, Digital Catalogs, Smart Learning, Digital Signage, ERP/CRM, Server Monitoring. Verticals include Education, Financial Services, Energy, Digital Marketing, Manufacturing , Telecom, Media and Entertainment.

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New Drupal.org ideation tool proposal

Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood Drupal.org Software Working Group!

https://drupal.org/node/2261945 has a proposal + mockups on a new way to handle feature requests for Drupal.org in order to help both the Drupal.org Software Working Group and other working groups prioritize the feature roadmap for Drupal.org. Since this tool will become the method through which the Drupal community (in the widest sense of the word) makes known their Drupal.org needs/wants/desires, we'd love to hear your comments and feedback on the proposal.

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Let module maintainers maintain the "Related projects" block

What's your idea?

All module maintainers to define related projects on projects.

Use this data to populate the "Related projects" block using these and any back links from other projects "Related projects" fields grouped by # references and order # ref descending.

If none found, then fallback to the automated one.

What are the benefits?

To actually make this block useful.

Two existing examples that show the maintainers suggestions beside the related projects block.

Menu Node API - https://drupal.org/project/menu_node

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Signups TAB = Attendies or Registered?

What's your idea?

Changing the Tab names or Moving the sign up button on Top?

What are the benefits?

At first glance if i want to sign up i click the TAB believing it to be a link to sign up.

And seeing there's no sign up button in the "Sign Ups" Tab i figured it's a closed event and move on.

What are the risks?

NONE clearer understanding on how the tab works.

How can we measure the impact of this idea? (metrics)

Non-Drupal users ease of sign up and want to skip reading the details.

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DSWG: 2014 roadmap and what we've learnt from community ideation process

About a month ago the Drupal.org Software Working Group announced that we were seeking community input to help us craft a short-term Drupal.org roadmap for the beginning of 2014.

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Support Composer on testbot and packaging

What's your idea?

I can't believe I didn't think to mention this one already...

Drupal 8 is making extensive use of 3rd party components, pulled in via Composer from Packagist.org. This is good.

Drupal 8 is checking all 3rd party components into our main repository, including the generated Composer files. This is bad. It's directly contrary to all Composer best practices, and makes any attempt to update our dependencies consist of 500 KB patches at least. This is not how it should work.

Why are we still doing that? Well, because

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Force full-project application review for ALL projects, not one time only per user.

What's your idea?

Force full project review for ALL projects, not one time only per user.
Today if a user gets a project approved to be a full project the user gets a role which can promote ANY project in the future without review.

This should be changed force reviewing ALL new projects, instead of giving this role to the user.

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Expose project 'shortname' for sandboxes, and use during validation to search for similar modules.

What's your idea?

Currently, projects get assigned their final namespace during the 'promote to full project' operation.

This proposal suggests that the 'shortname' field be exposed on sandbox projects, where it be made editable by the project owner but read-only to all other users. Validation logic on this field would ensure that the chosen shortname does not conflict with any previously established "full" projects, and could potentially also warn users about namespace conflicts with other sandbox projects (but still allow the field to be saved).

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Create Powerful and Relevant Drupal.org Search

What's your idea?

We have to create drupal.org search more powerful and relavant.

I have noticed when we search for module - Google search result is more accurate than drupal.org website inbuild search.

For Example - Lets serch for Insert Module - In drupal.org, you can see many insert modules are coming, but only "Insert" module is coming after many modules. But in Google, the first one is only "Insert" module.

Now, if you click on modules tab, we are seeing sort by Relevance. Now change it to sort by Most Installed. Still the insert module is not coming in the first.

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Enforce Sandboxing Until Stable Release

What's your idea?

There are a number of projects that have NO release, NO activity and are years old that should either be moved to a sandbox, or outright deleted. These were created pre-sandbox days, although some have been created recently.

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