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After long weeks of work, just published a dev version of my twitter bootstrap modal module:

The modal loads any Drupal URL link signed by a specific class inside a Drupal Modal.

It only takes the content part of the URL, without loading any extra region. It has also an option to personalize the output via a view mode for nodes.

So far it is working OK on production sites, loading content, forms and scripts, but has not been tested over complex environments as views involving ajax for an example.

It relies on the module for AJAX callbacks.

Feedback welcome!!

We are seriously commited on Bootstrap/Drupal integration and hope we find a growing community.


I wanted to let you know that

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I wanted to let you know that on this page:

Sponsored by:
this link -->Development Factory Group is broken.

Otherwise this module looks pretty cool.

Can you provide a sample useage

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I added the "twitter_bootstrap_modal" class to the link, but the modal does not display. I wonder if I miss any step.

Here is my link:

PS: The link will open a form.

Thank you.


Still having problem with modal window

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hatuhay, thank you for your examples. The content now is displayed on a popup window, but the modal window is still not working properly. The content is returned from a callback function of the menu hook item.

Here is the code of the callback function:
return '

' . $popupContent .


Please see the screen shot below:


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