上海Drupal协同贡献聚会 - 2013年10月19日 / Drupal Workshop SH - October 19th, 2013

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2013-10-19 10:00 - 19:00 Asia/Shanghai

See English version below.


很期待在Drupal 10月聚会上跟各位见面。

Drupal协同贡献聚会(Drupal workshop)是一场全天候的、每月第2个或第3个周六、免费举办,Drupaler在这里相聚 (线上同) 以小组的形式为 Drupal 作各种不同的贡献

Workshop 安排综览

培训 聚会 协作
10:00 ~ 12:00
12:00 ~ 13:00 - 午餐时间

测试, 打补丁,
13:00 ~ 15:00
15:00 ~ 15:30 - 中场休息
  15:30 ~ 18:00 - 聚会:
  1. 2013布拉格DrupalCon简介/回顾及推荐视频
  2. 在Drupal 8中改进内容编辑体验和功能
  3. LoginToboggan定制用户登录页
  4. 2014Drupal中国营组织讨论
  19:00 美好的一天结束  



10:00 ~ 15:15 / 全天:Training

Drupal站点构建(上)- 10:00 ~ 12:00
培训者:ycshen [初学者/中级开发水平]
其中,推荐的模块有ViewsDisplay Suite、Taxonomy Vocabularies等。

Drupal站点构建(下) - 13:00 ~ 15:00
培训者:zterry95 [初学者/中级开发水平]


15:30 ~ 18:00: Meetup


  1. [通用] 2013布拉格DrupalCon简介/回顾(以第三者角度),演讲者:DYdave。虽然未能亲身体验:(,通过观看相关视频还是了解到一些情况,希望可以和各位分享Dries现场演讲,特别是关于Drupal 8的信息以及一些视频片段。在此之前,还有一些有意思的话题和视频想与各位分享。
  2. [通用/初学者] 利用热门的开源所见即所得编辑器CKEditor改进内容编辑体验,与DrupalWYSIWYGCKEditor模块整合。 演讲者:gaofengzzz。演讲以Drupal富文本编辑话题结尾,尤其是将要加入Drupal 8 核心的CKEditor(参考阅读:CKEditor Joins Drupal)
  3. [通用/初学者] 用热门LoginToboggan模块定制用户登录页,演讲者xiukun.zhou将从安装设置开始讲起,完整演示模块如何实现各种功能特性以及受欢迎的原因
  4. [社区活动] 最后,我们想和大家讨论Drupal中国营下一年的组织,听听大家的想法。希望大家会感兴趣,考虑当活动志愿者什么的。

招聘 / 项目合作

10:00 ~ 19:00 / 全天:Co-Working - 带上电脑


一般来说,聚会结束后,将邀请参加者们共进晚餐或参加After Party,使大家能够在私下轻松交流、交友





日期 周六,2013年10月19日
地点 中山北路900号(近普善路)加禾商务中心2号楼311室
时间 10:00 - 19:00 地图 谷歌 /百度 地图
线上 IRC: #drupal-china
地铁 1号线:中山北路站
出站后路线:谷歌/ 百度 地图
语言 中文,英文 花费 无。请自备电脑。
用餐 请自行解决。 联系人 Yvonne Chen / DYdave / miloyz

下一场聚会:周六,2013年11月23日,10:00 - 19:00。

加入 groups.drupal.org立即报名参加此活动


Hi guys,

We're all glad to be able to get together for another session of the Drupal Workshop in October.

The Drupal contribute workshop is a full day, monthly event, free of charge, to be held on Saturdays (2nd or 3rd of the month) during which Drupalers are invited to meet and get closer (online as well) to work in driven groups on various types of Drupal contributions.

Overview of the Workshop plan:

Training Meetup Co-working
10:00 ~ 12:00 - Part 1:
Drupal Site Building
12:00 ~ 13:00 - Lunch Time

All Day:
Bug fixing,
code review,
testing, patches,
modules discussions,
mentoring and much more.
13:00 ~ 15:00 - Part 2:
Drupal Site Building
15:00 ~ 15:30 - Coffee Break
  15:30 ~ 18:00 - Meetup:
  1. DrupalCon Prague 2013 Recap and recommended videos.
  2. Enhancing the content editing experience, its future in D8.
  3. Customize the user login pages with LoginToboggan.
  4. Discuss the organization of DrupalCamp China 2014.
  19:00 End of the day  


As usual, we'll be starting in the morning at 10am with the training sessions:

10:00 to 15:15 / Full day: Training
Two featured training sessions provided by professional trainers. This is a dedicated training session with a structured and defined training curriculum.
It is recommended to attend the training sessions on time.

Drupal Site Building - Part 1 - 10:00 to 12:00
By ycshen [For beginners and intermediate levels]
This training usually takes more time, but without entering in-depth in all detailed topics, the idea would be to give participants enough initial knowledge to be able to keep learning and building websites by themselves.
How to build a small website? For example, for a Corporate/Company website, with tutorial, real-life use cases, methodology and most commonly used modules.
Among some of the modules that should be approached, Views, Display Suite, recommended modules for administration, using Taxonomy Vocabularies, and many more.

Drupal Site Building - Part 2 - 13:00 to 15:00
By zterry95 [For beginners and intermediate levels]
Second part of what was introduced in the morning, with more examples, concrete real life use cases, tips, tools, best practices, advice and if time allows it, further discussion topics.

Followed by a 20 to 30 minutes General Q&A and coffee break in the afternoon, before the meetup:

15:30 to 18:00: Meetup
Presented by DYdave, get your monthly feed of updates and insight on the Drupal community:
News, Upcoming Events, Job Offers, Initiatives, and much more to be discussed.
Getting Involved and how to support our community.
Introduction to the topics and speakers.

Featured Presentations:

  1. [General] DrupalCon Prague 2013 Recap (from the outside), by DYdave. Although I haven't been able to physically attend DrupalCon Prague (unfortunately), I took the time to watch a lot of Videos of the sessions and would like to start the meetup by giving everyone a summary presentation of Dries' Keynote speech at DC Prague, especially an update on what was said about Drupal 8, along with a few extracts of the video. On top of that, I would have several other sessions, topics and videos that I would like to recommend to everyone, if you would be interested in watching some of them.
  2. [General/Beginners] Enhancing the content editing experience with the greatly popular CKEditor Open Source WYSIWYG editor, integrated to Drupal with the WYSIWYG or CKEditor modules, presented by gaofengzzz. Ending on future evolutions of Rich Content Editing in Drupal, in particular with CKEditor added to Drupal 8 Core (see also: CKEditor Joins Drupal).
  3. [General/Beginners] Customize the user login pages with the incredibly popular LoginToboggan module, by xiukun.zhou who will take us through the installation, configuration and give us a complete demo of what the module could achieve and why it is currently so popular.
  4. [Community] Lastly, we would like to start opening a discussing about next year's organization of DrupalCamp China and would be very interested in hearing everyone's ideas, suggestions, comments, issues, concerns. We would also hope to be able to raise enough interest in the initiative from the commmunity, to attract volunteers that would like to engage in the organization of the event.

Lightning rounds: Share your experiences [Still open and room for participants]
Job Offers / Marketplace
Wrap up and conclusion.
Follow-up after dark and discussions.

10:00 to 19:00 / Full day: Co-Working - Make sure you bring your laptops
We will be providing drinks/coffee/tea, the space and connection to work all together with other confirmed local Drupalers.
This would match the needs of intermediate to advanced Drupal developers who would like to have the possibility of working on their own projects and be able to get some help, assistance or ask direct questions to other developers present at the session.

Typical case: Developers who already have enough Drupal foundation knowledge to learn by themselves, use modules and build sites, but would encounter obstacles or issues along the way during the construction of a project. Co-working with other Drupalers would allow quick, easy, direct and immediate response on any of the questions or issues encountered.

After dark:
In general, after the event, participants would be invited to join together for a diner or an after party to be able to better socialize, discuss and blend in the local community, in an informal and relaxing environment.

As always speakers are highly welcome.

We would greatly appreciate any of your questions, comments, feedbacks, objections, ideas, recommendations or concerns on any aspects of this event or its organization and would surely be glad to provide more information.

Thanks again to everyone for your great feedback, support and signing-up.
We're certainly all looking very much forward to getting together for another rich Workshop and busy day.

Thanks for getting involved!

Event's details:

Date Saturday, October 19, 2013. (Freely join. Training would be recommend to be on time.) Location Room 311, Building 2, Number 900, North Zhongshan road
Time 10:00 - 19:00 Maps Map on Google / Baidu
Online IRC: #drupal-china (setup and chat with the Drupal Community)/em> Subway Line 1, station: North Zhong Shan Road / 中山北路.
Directions on Google / Baidu
Language Chinese and English Cost None other than your own material/laptop
Food At the expense of participants. Contacts Yvonne Chen / DYdave / miloyz

Next session: Saturday, November 23 2013, from 10:00 to 19:00.

Please register an account on groups.drupal.org and sign up for this event.


Drupal workshop

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Nice! It's a good job.


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Drupal中国 http://drupalchina.cn Drupal China
DrupalSNS http://drupalsns.com


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Drupal中国 http://drupalchina.cn Drupal China
DrupalSNS http://drupalsns.com


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Love, Peace and Drupal

聚会安排更新啦 / Workshop's Meetup program updated

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  1. [通用] 2013布拉格DrupalCon简介/回顾及推荐话题和视频。
  2. [通用/初学者] 使用CKEditor开源所见即所得编辑器,WYSIWYG/CKEditor模块改进内容编辑体验;未来Drupal 8富文本编辑
  3. [通用/初学者] 用LoginToboggan模块定制用户登录页。
  4. [社区活动] 2014Drupal中国营组织讨论。



喜欢这次十月Drupal 聚会的话就顶一个+ 报名参加吧!

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your great support, comments and signing-up to the event, it's really greatly appreciated.

I sincerely apologize for this late update and posting Meetup's program at the last minute, but we've been incredibly busy working on a module to be contributed shortly and next month's Globlal Training Day event on November 15th.

Anyhow, so Meetup plan has been updated (see initial event post at the top of the page), as usual, several presentations/speakers have been lined up and we would like to also talk about next year's DrupalCamp event plans:

  1. [General] DrupalCon Prague 2013 Recap and a selection of recommended sessions and videos.
  2. [General/Beginners] Enhancing the content editing experience with the greatly popular CKEditor Open Source WYSIWYG editor, the WYSIWYG/CKEditor modules and the future of Rich Text Editing in Drupal 8.
  3. [General/Beginners] Customize the user login pages with the incredibly popular LoginToboggan module.
  4. [Community] Lastly, we would like to start opening a discussing about next year's organization of DrupalCamp China.

So as you could see, Meetup's program is going to be pretty packed!

As usual the Workshop should get started at 10am on Saturday with Training and we'll make particular attention that all sessions stick closely to the schedule (including starting on time, lunch and coffee breaks).
Unless you would like to attend morning's training, feel free to drop by at anytime before 15:30 to catch-up for the Meetup.

Although the floor is going to be pretty crowded, speakers, topics, ideas or suggestions for the meetup would certainly be greatly appreciated.
We would be very happy to hear about your experiences using Drupal, please share them with us!

Thanks again to everyone for your great feedback, support and signing-up.
We're all very much looking forward to getting together for a rich new session of the Drupal Workshop in October.

Good job

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It's a pity I can't attend this time, surely this will, again, be a fun and rewarding Drupal party. Good job, Dave.


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Thank you

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Thank you for this meet-up and especially for all the information related to the DrupalCon Prague 2013.

Bei Jing (China)

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