RedHen & Salesforce NPSP

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Has anyone any experience with integrating or using redhen for a front-end to salesforce particularly when that salesforce org is using the non-profit starter pack (NPSP)

From reading the documentation I understand the salesforce module and redhen share the same parents but I'm less sure about the how,why & when you would mix Redhen, salesforce module & salesforce

My thinking is to use salesforce as the heavy lifter & fountain of all knowledge and either redhen or sf module to provide a user frontend to subsets of that data but can't understand if its better to map NPSP data like affiliations, relationships,memberships using the salesforce module or redhen

Any advice from those who have using Redhen, Salesforce and/or its NPSP


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In fact, this has become one of our primary use cases for RedHen. There are many ways to leverage this collection of tools. Really depends upon what you're trying to accomplish.

@mobcdi, at ThinkShout, both

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@mobcdi, at ThinkShout, both modules parents (I like that!) we've implemented a number of integrations with SF NPSP and often speak of RedHen as scaffolding for 3rd party data, including Salesforce. There are a number of scenarios where you'd want to leverage both RedHen and SF:

  • Drupal as input/output and SF, as you put it, doing the heavy lifting of analysis, tools integration, etc.
  • If you want to sync your contact data bi-directionally, you need entities in data to hang that data on.
  • Potentially lower licensing fees if you use Drupal as a CRM dashboard.
  • If your staff already spends most of their time in Drupal, it can be easier from a training standpoint.

Good luck and let us know how the project goes.

Lev Tsypin

ThinkShout, Inc. |

Redhen & Salesforce

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I am just starting a project where we are replacing an existing Drupal/CiviCRM/custom PHP with Redhen and SF with the NPSP.

The reason we are using Redhen is because they have a fairly complex application process (parents registering children for camp) which we wanted to handle in Drupal due to licensing fees. The data will then be sync'd over to SF.

We also have a lot of volunteers who will be screening the applications and don't want to get SF licenses for all of them, so we will use a Drupal dashboard to let them log in there and make their notes.

We will probably just have donations go straight into SF and not recorded in RH, mostly because people don't really need to login to make a donation or see their donation. We haven't quite figured out how we'll handle the actual event registrations yet. But ultimately all the information will end up in SF for reporting

I did do a quick test of the Salesforce Module to show them how the syncing works. I'm a Tech PM and got it to work pretty much out of the box with no developer help. It takes some understanding of Salesforce and the objects (we are not SF experts, working with an outside firm for that) but the mapping seems pretty easy. I haven't gotten into relationships yet, but we will be doing that as well.

Hope that helps explain how/why you may use them.

Jeanne Cost
Fuse IQ

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I am definitely curious about this as an option for us. We were planning a Civi + Drupal set up, but I started out with wanting to use SF (as an NPO). We moved away from that to Civi due to large part to licensing fees too. Then I stumbled upon RH which seemed better than Civi in some ways, but is also so bare bones.

Long story short, I would love to hear about/talk to other people that have integrated these 3!