LV Drupal Lunch!

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2013-09-10 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

We're shaking things up this month, and are hoping it allows a few more folks who are interested to catch up with everyone; meeting for lunch!

When: Tuesday, Sept. 10 @ 12:00 noon
Where: Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet (map)

Here is their website:
Prices seem decent, and they also have a coupon for 10% off:

Be sure to sign up

so I know how big of a table to get!


Location and Directions

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I'm pretty sure the posted address and the Google Map on their website is wrong. This place is right off of Rt. 22 where the Kmart is/was. You take the 191 exit, turn left, and then turn right into the plaza after-the-McDonalds/at-the-light.

It's a left off the exit regardless of the direction of travel on Rt. 22.

Re: Location & Directions

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Yeah, if you just search 3811 Linden St., it's somewhere else, but if you search it by name, it shows this location, which is correct.

I was there a few weeks ago... it's just to the left of the Kmart.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make this meetup though since I'll have class :(

I'll do some recon this

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I'll do some recon this weekend and post confirmation. Thanks for the heads up!

signed up

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I'm in. I'm not sure if this is reflected in the assorted signups, but Lafayette Web Dev will be there, as well as another 3 or 4 folks from the college.

Made a Reservation

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I made a reservation at noon for 15 people.

It's under my name: Colin Foley.

We might have to grab an extra table if they have one because ~5 people are coming from Lehigh that aren't signed up.

Bring money for your food!

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I forgot to mention, this is not catered! If you don't bring money, you'll have to bum from somebody.

Aww this isn't all on you,

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Aww this isn't all on you, Colin? ;D

Great lunch

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Just wanted to say I really enjoyed lunch today. Good conversations and the time worked out well. I'd personally prefer if we met on Thursdays because we tend to have a lot of meetings on Tuesdays, but this is a lot more doable than Monday nights.