implementation of <detail><summary> element for

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The Current implementation of element provides a button role. Not sure if this is sufficient from the understandings at:

As is not accessible on all browsers,To polyfill for accessibility we need to:

1) set tabindex ="0" - make it keyboard focusable
2) assign ARIA role button -> DONE!
3) aria-expanded attribute that changes based on state
4) non-summary content to be hidden by using dispaly:none when elements are collapsed
5) Any links within summary could be confusing (Not applicable in this case)
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Not sure

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Hi Shyamala,

Thanks for reporting this. I'm not sure. I can contact Jason Kiss about this and see if he can give some feedback. He's great, and really like his blog.

I think the source issue where this was discussed was

Let's see we get this right.


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