Drupal Camp Fox Valley, October 4th, 5th & 6th, Aurora IL.

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Far West Suburbs of Chicago

Business Social, October 4th 3pm-6pm, Ballydoyle's, Dowtown Aurora, Illinois

Sessions: Saturday, October 5, 2013, 8am-5pm
Waubonsee Community College Downtown Campus • Aurora, Illinois,

Contributor Sprint, Sunday October 6th 9am, Start Interaction Offices, St. Charles, Illinois

Sponsors have stepped up, Session Schedule is posted! Time to register!

more info at Drupal Camp Fox Valley

Follow @foxvalleydrupal on Twitter for announcements and use the hashtag #drupalcampfv on social networks to add your voice to the community.

Friday, October 4th

DrupalCamp Fox Valley Business Social - 3pm - 6pm

Get out of the office early on Friday afternoon and connect your business with a network of Fox Valley web development professionals that provide Drupal related services. This informal gathering will feature a short presentation followed by social networking.

Saturday October 5th

Keynote Presentation & Sessions - 9am-5pm

One full day of learning and sharing about the latest developments, trends, and tips for building and running your Drupal projects. There will be sessions for various skill levels and interests, our amazing keynote speaker, and space to start Birds of a Feather (BOF) discussions with like minded attendees.

Keynote by Jeff Eaton

Jeff brings more than two decades of experience in publishing and CMS development to his role at Lullabot. He's built ecommerce sites for florists and enterprise web systems for multinational corporations, juggling web architectures from legacy Perl to ASP.Net. At Lullabot, he's designed and implemented large-scale web platforms for clients including Sony/BMG Music, Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, World Wrestling Entertainment, Verizon Wireless, Harvard University, and more.

Today he's the host of the Insert Content Here content strategy podcast, a co-author of O'Reilly Media’s Using Drupal; the author of the popular Voting API, EVA, and Token projects as well as dozens of other plugin modules; the primary developer of Drupal’s core TokenAPI and a co-developer of FormAPI; a frequent participant in the Drupal core conversations; and a prolific teacher and speaker at Drupal and web technology conferences.

After Party - 5pm-??

All good Drupal events need a party! We’ll head upstream to Ballydoyle’s Irish Pub for libations, a bite to eat, and to continue conversations about our favorite Drupal and web development topics.

Sunday October 6th

Drupal Community Sprint

Andrea Soper has offered to organize a Drupal Community Sprint for Sunday. Location and times to be determined and announced shortly.

Organized by: Members of the Fox Valley Drupal user group.


Camp Session Schedule is up

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You can find the Camp Session Schedule at http://2013.drupalcampfv.org/sessions

Bob Snodgrass

Last Minute Registrations!!

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DrupalCamp Fox Valley is approaching quickly. This Weekend!

If you haven't registered yet. Be sure to head on over to http://2013.drupalcampfv.org/register so you can join in on the festivities. Great lineup! http://2013.drupalcampfv.org/sessions. This is going to be a fantastic event, please consider joining us.

We'll be at the Waubonsee Community College in Downtown Aurora from October 4-6. Our event is based around the Drupal PHP CMS, but there will also be plenty of focus on general tech/web topics. We've got quite a few prominent members of the local and regional Drupal community attending and presenting, and we hope you'll attend as well.

Friday October 4, Business Social - We're encouraging local business leaders to connect with developers and firms.

Saturday October 5, DrupalCamp Fox Valley - A full day of sessions which cover a wide variety of topics and skill levels, BoF discussions, community building, and a general good time. We've got quite a few prominent names on the docket who will present, the material is going to be great. After the event on Saturday, we've got an after party schedule. Here's another chance to mingle with folks within the community.

Sunday October 6, Community Sprint - Join us in moving Drupal 8 towards its release by participating in the community sprint. Mentors will be on hand to assist community members of all backgrounds, experience, and skill levels.

Bob Snodgrass

Anyone else going to this? I

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Anyone else going to this? I am trying to figure out the best way to get to Aurora from Madison without a car.

I'm planning to take the

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I'm planning to take the train from Milwaukee to Chicago and then some "magic transport" to Aurora that I haven't figured out yet. :-)

BTW, our presentations are happening at the same time:


... so I won't be able to come to yours. :-( But it sounds super interesting!

See ya next weekend!

Magic = Metra

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Easy enough to take Chicago's commuter rail (Metra) from downtown out to Aurora: http://metrarail.com/metra/en/home/maps_schedules/metra_system_map/bnsf/...

Ashe, Janette Day and I are

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Ashe, Janette Day and I are planning to drive from Madison to Aurora on Saturday morning and drive back that night. If that works for you, I'd be happy to pick you up as well.

Sheldon Rampton
Senior web developer, New York State Senate

Are you guys going to pass

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Are you guys going to pass through Milwaukee? Or is there a more direct route to Aurora that you're taking?

Looking at the train schedule compared to the times that kerasai gave below they don't line up very well. I'm going to end up arriving in the middle of Eaton's keynote. :-/

Please let me know!

Yep, BNSF runs out of the

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Yep, BNSF runs out of the south platform of Union Station.

If you're coming the day of the event there are 2 options: 6:30a which arrives in Aurora at 7:45a, and 8:40a which arrives in Aurora at 10:01a. Opening remarks scheduled to start 10:00, followed immediately by keynote.

If you're coming on Friday, just catch the same line to Aurora. The business social is in the afternoon/evening and there will be folks around who can get you to lodging, etc.

Thanks, Everyone! I simply

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Thanks, Everyone! I simply hadn't gotten around to researching transport from Chicago to Aurora yet - but now I don't have to. ;-)

Camp is Starting

Bob Snodgrass