deleted Alumni menu

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The Alumni menu was deleted. Something I am now regretting.

The following errors are now displayed...

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$cache in _block_get_cache_id() (line 913 of /home/shgadmin/

Notice: Undefined index: menu-julio-alumni in menu_block_view() (line 486 of /home/shgadmin/

Simply adding back a new menu titled Alumni is not fixing the issue. I think that it looking for the machine name menu-julio-alumni.

New to Drupal and Julio and looking for help to address these errors.

Thanks in advance.


I can't help with resolving

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I can't help with resolving the actual error you're seeing, but I can make a couple of observations based on my experience with Julio and Drupal.

I'm guessing that these errors are only seen by the admin user. So, they're annoying but not interfering with other users of your test site or the site's functionality? I hope this is slightly reassuring ;-) I'm sure someone here will know how to resolve the problem.

One of the errors refers to the Drupal cache. It can't hurt to try clearing the cache.

Go to (or if you don't have clean urls turned on). Then "Configuration" then click on "Performance" in the DEVELOPMENT section. Click on "Clear all caches".