A tournament module purely for FPS games

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Well I am new to drupal, but not new to FPS leagues. I was searching a league module purely for FPS games for UTSC. UTSC(http://www.udzclan.org/) is organizing urban terror tournaments like Asia Pacific Knockouts and Sniper league etc.
But still I cant find any particular module for my leagues.Mainly all modules are only for football type games.
Now we are using Tournament module by Seanr(currently best module for FPS type leagues) but still it lacks in some features required for FPS gaming leagues.
Currently I can only suggest some features for FPS league module(may be then someday i can get a FPS module for UTSC :P , as still i have to learn how to code drupal modules) :

  1. For team matches:
    a) Teams must enter their respective map for a particular match.
    b) There should be a comment field for every match created so that they can discuss about scheduling the match.
    c) Every player in a particular team must enter his individual score (kills and deaths) also like score for first half of map1 , for second half of map1 and same for map 2 and map 3. So that at last admins can declare player of the tournament etc.
    d) Team rating based on their play style, friendly nature etc. e.g opponent teams can rate each other and at last admins can declare best friendly teams etc.
    e) Voting for player of the match.

  2. Entering Match Results:
    a) Screenshots and media field for each match: In FPS games these fields are must. Winning team captain must enter screenshots of each half of a map and every player must upload their demos.
    b) Finally, team captains must enter players who played that match and substitutes for a particular match.

  3. Admin Decision: Admin decision is required in such leagues e.g for no-show etc.

  4. Penalty System: Penalties for no show , unfair play , racism etc.
  5. My Matches Menu : In tournament module, there is a menu for My Teams. But i am not sure that one can access My Matches in a separate menu. So mainly a menu for My Upcoming Matches is good.

All other things are there in tournament module. And thanks to drupal community for always helping us!