Drupal Camp Wisconsin

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There was quite the demand for Drupal at both BarCampMilwaukee and BarCampMadison. A couple of us are getting together to start planning a Drupal Camp. I've set up a drupal wiki (from an installation profile, total install time 15 minutes -- due to a slow shared host database server) at http://drupalcamp.blakehall.org

We're still in the VERY early stages of planning so we don't have details (like a date) yet.

If you're interested in helping plan feel free to post links, session ideas, etc...


Finalized Date and Space

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Thanks to Jeramy @ Milwaukee School of Engineering, we have space nailed down for January 19th, 2008.

We're thinking a one day event (9-9).

I've added the event to the official BarCamp wiki under DrupalCampWI.

If you'd like to get involved sign up there, or shoot me an email at blake [at] blakehall [dott] org

Cross Post??

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Why don't you cross-post the DrupalCamp announcement on the Central Illinois group page? That's definitely a drivable distance for us for an all-day event.

I will...

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I'm hoping to spend some time the weekend cleaning up the planning wiki / organizing my thoughts a bit more before REALLY promoting.