Top .be Drupal sites in Belgium

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Hello Everyone,

Here's a list of the top .be websites ranked by access statistics as supplied by Alexa as accessed by people in Belgium. It uses the detection logic from the Wappalizer project.

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This site combines Alexa data, Wappalizer logic and PhantomJS (for the screencaps) to present the top lists. Analytics is first run through some custom PHP CLI which creates YAML files that simply go into a long text field for each date and country and is presented through a custom field formatter.

I wrote the site over a weekend a couple of months ago and have been adding a few new countries every week, so I'm sure it can be made a lot better but it's already pretty useful and interesting, I think. Full index:

This is the last batch of countries added to this site. My weekend work mostly focusses on a new ranking site: which just went out of demo this weekend. It's still very new though, so please excuse any bugs.


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Kind regards,
Riaan Burger


A few surprising sites

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Thank for the list.

It's kind of fun to see some well-known sites beeing made with Drupal.


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