Fatal error: Allowed memory size of Xxxx bytes exhausted tried to allocate Yyyy bytes - drupal 5.x

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i changed the memory limit in php.ini file, but the error message is popping up very frequently.
can any one let me know some other solution to this?

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Memory limit.

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Increase the memory limit to a higher value than the existing and try...

The following is the link to webpage analyaer tool, which will analyse the memory size that is need by your application.
hope this helps :)

Rambabu Katta

/Increase the memory limit

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/Increase the memory limit to a higher value/

how far can we increase the value?
more no of modules we use may require more amt of memory rt? so, whats the max limit that we can give?
what are the impacts of it?

As i said in my earlier post i already increased the memory to some higher value ....

anyway thanks for the link .....



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Why don't you increase the memory limit in your .conf file or in .htaccess file?
If you do this in your .htaacess file, you don't even need to restat the webserver.


Re: Fatal Error Bytes Exhausted

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What code would I place in my .htaccess file, sorry to ask but I am very much a Noob with .htaccess.

Thanks in advance.



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php_value memory_limit = "128M"


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I set

ini_set('memory_limit', '150M');

in your sites/default/settings.php file

because 100M was not working anymore for a very large website, do you know what is the limit on DREAMHOST servers ?

Can you think of any problem if i set the limit to 200 or more to be safe in the future ?



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You can set even 400M. Your host won't notice it ever!


are you sure ?

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Thanks for reply, but are you sure ?

So do you know why it is set so low by Drupal if people don't meet problems when set higher ?

Thanks a lot.


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Drupal ain't know what will be the size of your Drupal site. Its up to us to decide how much resources we should devote to the site.
And I'm pretty sure about setting any value for memory limit. You should use Drupal tweak module as well.

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I copied a site to another host-Drupal 6.17

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Hi, I successfully copied a Drupal site to another host where it worked normally. But After I installed Backup_Migrate Module, I began to get the same Fatal error related to the memory issue. I followed your advice by increasing the memory from 96M to 250M and I used your statement php_value memory_limit = "250M" at the top of of the .htaccess file. It has not fixed it yet. I cannot see the site anymore. Can you please help me?


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Running a new subscription site with at least 10-20 content types and at least 50 modules enabled including views, ctools, panels, context, features. i set php value memory limit = 512M.

Use the file seeting.php

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increase your memory to about 128 inside your settings.php--see my website at http://drupal54.com

No more trouble with memory

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I am no longer having troubles with memory shortages, because I increased the memory in the file settings.php. Thanks a lot.