Launching and Managing a Drupal Online Store with Commerce Kickstart 2.0

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2013-10-16 10:00 - 17:00 America/New_York

New to eCommerce? Trying to figure out how to implement it efficiently within your Drupal site? Looking for an upgrade? Learn the possibilities of Drupal eCommerce with Commerce Kickstart 2.0!

Built on top of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is a distribution of Drupal that installs a demo store out of the box, implementing a variety of eCommerce best practices and improving the store administrator user experience. It is feature-rich, including numerous contributed modules that add helpful functionality to Drupal Commerce.

In this course, you will learn how to launch your next online store with Commerce Kickstart 2.0 from project creators Commerce Guys and New York-based Drupal experts Blink Reaction. Through a series of alternating lessons and hands-on exercises, you will install the distribution, customize it, and prepare to launch your own fantasy store during this day long training. Handbooks will be provided, but each student should come prepared with a Drupal development environment on a laptop they can use for the duration of the training.

In addition to examining the feature set of the core framework and the distribution, we'll cover challenges and strategies for preparing and launching live sites with Kickstart 2.x, adding additional features, and integrating third party services.

By the end of the training you will be able to:
1. Be able to launch an eCommerce website quickly using Commerce Kickstart 2.
2. Have a high level understanding of all the major components and systems defined by the core Drupal Commerce modules.
3. Be aware of common configuration and development challenges encountered when building sites with Drupal Commerce and their appropriate solutions.


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Stop posting in "Atlanta" about something that has nothing to do with Atlanta. You're spamming, pure and simple.



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