Drupal 8 Tour Writing Sprint

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2013-11-07 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Sydney
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Drupal 8 comes with a great new user-help feature in Tour module.
You can see it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP3xc4qSzdc
So we have this great API and feature in core, but we need help creating tours for end users and site-builders.
So to get some momentum on this front, we're holding a Tour sprint in the first week of November in Sydney.


PreviousNext have generously offered their Ultimo office as the venue.
Address is Unit 7, 13 Smail St Ultimo.

Who this is for

Anyone who is familiar with the Drupal interface and feels comfortable explaining how to use it.
As each tour is discrete, you really only need to be familiar with one module/piece of the interface in order to help.
You don't need to be technical as tours are created in a YML format only which is a straight forward human-readable format.
There are also some trickier issues with the Tour API for those who are chasing some meaty coding and want to dive deeper into the Drupal 8 APIs.

What you need

Ideally a local installation of Drupal 8 with a recent checkout from git. If you don't have this, you can get help setting up in advance during Core Mentoring Hours.


Please indicate using the signups if you're coming.


Yeah baby! Come on punks!

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Yeah baby!

Come on punks! What else are you doing that night?!

Non-attendee assistance

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is there a video and/or documentation page that goes through the steps of creating a tour (or editing one) for people that might want to get started early or can't attend the sprint?

I have taken a look at how to

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I have taken a look at how to do this and it is very straight forward. The system already contains 1 tour for views ui, so yes we need more.

Basically it is just a yml file in the config. see core/modules/views_ui/config/tour.tour.views-ui.yml for the format of the yml file.

The tour module is expecting the name of the config to be tour.tour.*

I am not sure how to get the config into active without uninstalling and installing the module, so if anyone can tell me it would be greatly appreciated.

Gordon Heydon

Hi Thanks gordon, have been

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Thanks gordon, have been offline - yes it is just a yml file - you can find the details here https://drupal.org/developing/api/tour which was adapted from the following blog posts: http://previousnext.com.au/tags/tour

In terms of installing/uninstalling there is the new functionality that allows single config files to be imported (just went in this week).


Uploaded sample Tour

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I just updated Multilingual tour for content translation settings with some issues I've encountered and workarounds, when writing a D8 tour. Wanted to get it up there before you guys have the sprint! Unfortunately it will be midnight to 3am my time.
I hope some of you can take a look at it. I wonder if any of you are working on any of the issues I listed.
Pretty cool module!


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