Anyone up for a talk next Monday or shall we just pub?

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I'm having trouble organising a speaker for Monday's Drupal Brighton meetup (3rd monday of month i.e. next week) - I've asked a couple of people but they can't make it. I've also forgotten to ask a couple of people who said they might be able to so posting here in case they're still interested or anyone else..!

Anyone have anything particular they'd like to share? Or shall we just have a social this month? Been mega-busy on the never-ending project I'm on so could do with a beer or two ;)




I've had a few tough weeks

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I've had a few tough weeks since Drupalcon so I'm up for a social meetup.

Also think we should discuss the potential code sprint with Manchester on the 26th with a beer or two? :)


Social sounds good.

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Social sounds good.


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