DrupalMel Mentoring October 19 2013

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2013-10-19 12:00 - 16:00 Australia/Melbourne
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Training (free or commercial)


Drupal Meeting

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Hi guys,

I am a new user of Drupal and creating a new Australian website for my company.

Globally, the company uses Drupal as its CMS system.

May I please ask what is the purpose of meeting? I have got some issues with Drupal, can someone help me with this?



Hi Deniz, The mentoring

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Hi Deniz,

The mentoring session is ideal for looking at specific issues you have. Usually there will be a couple of experienced devs roaming around who can give you some help then you can work on things and they will come back to see how you are going.

Go over to meetup to confirm your attendance.


The mentoring

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Thanks Bernie,

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend to this event due to travel reasons but would like to ask if you know any drupal developers providing consultation to the companies?

I may need someone to train me for a day or so.



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