Default groups is not displaying.

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I followed all steps according But when i clicks on edit skin link of block than it is redirecting me to group page but there is not any default group.

Please help.

Ravikant kumawat

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me to. I tried out the dev

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me to. I tried out the dev module and went back to beta and now this is all I get.

Got a clean uninstall by

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Got a clean uninstall by manually editing system table to deactivate skinr and then installed Fusion Accelerator. mow Fusion Marina works as expected.

Any solutions?

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Anyone have this working?

Using Skinr 7.x-2.0-beta1 on a clean drupal site install. Followed instructions but no skinr library shows up. Skinr itself works - I can add a custom class to a block and it does get added. Tried with Adaptive Theme which I hope to use and a couple Drupal default themes as well.

Any pointers much appreciated.

Skin libraries are added by

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Skin libraries are added by custom modules and themes. Skinr doesn't provide any skins out of the box.
If your theme or module added skins you'll find them at /admin/structure/skinr/library

Thanks for the update

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I did get things working after some hair pulling. I think the trick that fixed things up was editing the function line:

function mytheme_skinr_skin_styles_info() {

"mytheme" should be changed to the name of your theme ie. 'garland'

"styles" should be renamed to what your 'skin plugin' is called.

Yes, kind of obvious in retrospect, but not an easy thing for us non-developer types. :)

skin plugin??

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"styles" should be renamed to what your 'skin plugin' is called.

what do u mean by skin plugin? is this name of the inc file?
I am trying to add a new skin in the library folder.

yes, maybe.

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Yes, or at least I think so. I named my inc file, css file, and the folder all the same thing to make things easier.

The 'skin plugin' name is the name I used in all three. Most likely it needs to match either the folder name or the inc file name, the css file is called in the inc file so I imagine it can be called anything you want.

I'm using skinr for formatting blocks so my setup is this:

the css file and inc file are called "blocks". I have them in a "blocks" folder that is in /sites/all/themes/superdupertheme/skins.
So the inc file is /sites/all/themes/superdupertheme/skins/blocks/

My function line is: function superdupertheme_skinr_skin_blocks_info() {

Hope you figured things out.

This is still an issue

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Theme: Zurb Foundation
Followed instructions on
Plugin libraries are found
Click on edit skin

"You don't have any groups for this element."

I add a group edit the settings and it works.

However, when I click on edit skin isn't it supposed to go straight to the skinr settings and display the plugins I coded?

I did a complete uninstall and reinstall it still behaves the same.

Is this by design or is this a bug?

It sounds like you have

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It sounds like you have skinr_context enabled. Try disabling that and see if it provides skinr the way you're expecting it.