Default groups is not displaying.

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I followed all steps according But when i clicks on edit skin link of block than it is redirecting me to group page but there is not any default group.

Please help.

Ravikant kumawat

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me to. I tried out the dev

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me to. I tried out the dev module and went back to beta and now this is all I get.

Got a clean uninstall by

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Got a clean uninstall by manually editing system table to deactivate skinr and then installed Fusion Accelerator. mow Fusion Marina works as expected.

Any solutions?

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Anyone have this working?

Using Skinr 7.x-2.0-beta1 on a clean drupal site install. Followed instructions but no skinr library shows up. Skinr itself works - I can add a custom class to a block and it does get added. Tried with Adaptive Theme which I hope to use and a couple Drupal default themes as well.

Any pointers much appreciated.


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