Share your Drupal-centric Intranet notes

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Ok - no posts in this group?! I'll start, my notes are old because I started investigating the topic over a year ago - got as far a few test builds on an Ubuntu dev server and managed to get LDAP integration working, so it CAN be done. Now starting my research and studying over, there's some exciting new stuff out there - probably most notably Open Atrium.

2006 IBM article on Drupal Intranet Development - very technical, informative:

Webserver_auth ( - Module of special note for Intranet environment, adding HTTP authentication to the web site in Apache where the web server is configured to use the bindings provided by Samba’s WinBind.

If you have info/notes/etc please share!


Thanks for keeping this group alive!

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Heya! Long time no hear. { btw, how was the pig wrestling at your wedding? }
I joined this group a week ago to see what was up. A big thanks goes to Sascha who started this group about 3 months ago.
I attended yesterday's Acquia webinar and was quite fascinated by it.
I know that Verizon Wireless is about to implement [or just did] a HUGE intranet system that serves multiple geographically separated offices.
I have a nationwide pet-services client that I'm courting that came to me asking for an intranet solution. Ihave an install of OpenAtrium set up that I'm playing with. I need to watch any of the growing number of videos about Open Atrium.

I was quite distracted during yesterday's Acquia webinar. I'm really looking forward to seeing at again as soon as its released in archive.
When I have some time, I'll start a wiki page on here with a list of podcasts, videos, etc that deal with Open Atrium, and anything Drupal-Intranet related. If some one else starts the wiki then I'll just add some to it.

I'll be presenting at The Do It With Drupal Seminar.
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Hi Doug,
I am considering using Open Atrium for our Intranet. Would be glad to hear your thoughts. Is there another page now for this discussion?

Okay for collaboration

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I've used Open Atrium for an intranet project and while it's a reasonable collaboration tool, it's not great for content management. I also found shortcomings in the UX, particularly in mobile.

Open Atrium Intranet vs Organic Groups

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Thanks Richard. I am weighing, as well, the possibility of using organic groups. Any experience there?