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Hi All
So I am trying to use Adaptivetheme as a sub theme. It is installed, but the block regions are not laying out as they should. Attached is a screenshot....everything is in one single column. I have followed the sub theme instructions per www.

and I have dug around for issues like this, but no avail. I am SURE this is an operator error issue, I just am not sure what I missed. Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)

***Updated screenshots****

bbp_at_subtheme - bodyblueprinter.com_.png42.89 KB
subtheme region layout - bodyblueprinter.com_.png44.99 KB
sidebar content added - bodyblueprinter.com_.png121.11 KB


I've seen similar symptoms

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I've seen similar symptoms when the subtheme's .info file didn't redefine the regions in the parent theme's .info file, could that be the case here?

I'd also suggest checking all the setup steps here & making sure they were correctly applied in your subtheme:

Other things to try are checking the logs for error messages, and loading your page with Firebug network tab enabled and watching the HTTP requests to make sure that there aren't errors fetching the CSS and other theme files.

Checked suggestions

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Thank you for your response :) Near as I can tell (my first REAL themeing attempt) I have followed the steps:
* Regions are in the .info
* Base and global stylesheets are named
* Firebug shows the calls going out

The weird thing is that I am mimicking a working set up of adaptive theme and on that site the block regions align in different columns. I found this post that shows a screen shot of what the regions are supposed to look like, but I get the same "default" version that the post author describes. I have made no changes to media query, only because I don't know where that is located.

I removed, cleared cache, re-installed and still getting the same single column for regions.

First Question

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Did you try putting some content in the sidebar?

I see content in the main centers, but AT doesn't kick in until there's content in the sidebars.

Put some content there, then send another screen shot.

Screenshots updated

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Hi K2,
Oddly enough I had content in sidebar regions, and may others, but the single column issue persisted....removed, cleared cache, re-installed.....same output.

Sometimes changes in

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Sometimes changes in Adaptivetheme don't take until you visit the theme configuration screen and press "save".
While you're there you can double check your layouts and make sure you have them all set to the formations that you want. You can also switch from mobile first to desktop first in the config.
But even if you don't change the config in the admin screen, click "Save" anyway so that it will generate the theme files again with your other changes.