Anyone around Friday 15th November to help grow the pie?

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When was the last time you blessed Brightoncisco with a bit of your Drupal love? Well, now's your chance because Friday 15th November is the next Global Training Day:

I see they're doing one 'up north' for £35:

I was thinking we could do similar, I'm happy to organise and with a few helpers for training people on the day, spreading the word, etc. if people are up for it - a press release could be good too to get the message out further, I see they did that 'up north' too with success.

Post your thoughts here

Steve 'prepping to go up north next month' Purkiss ;)


Hey Steve - sounds good, how

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Hey Steve - sounds good, how about doing a session from the business/end user point of view? I could get involved on this.

Or are we just looking at it from a developer/setup/tech viewpoint?

Kev 'wanting to share the drupal love' elliott

Global Training Days

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As with anything Drupal we can do what we like - the 'official' day is usually either the half day hello drupal or full day intro to drupal course, but it's up to us, if our local market is demanding other stuff then let's do that, no point in doing something people don't want.

One of the DrupalCon Prague sessions I watched over the weekend was:


...they have a good idea about setting up a local foundation where members all contribute to events - anyway worth watching if you get a mo.

Fridays are always hard as people at work - that weekend it's also barcamp brighton so lots on.

But happy to entertain any groovy ideas for events - perhaps let's keep this thread open for a couple of days to gather ideas then make a decision by end of week so we have a couple of weeks left to spread the word about event X?

Global Training Days

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Hi Steve

Happy to help with spreading the word on the Global Training Day. From attending similar events in the past - there seemed to be a fairly even split between people interested in the tech side and those who were more focused on what it could do for them. It would be good to have something for both sides.



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