Wisdom of the Bees

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let me share a story about a recent experience and perhaps it resonates around the Backdrop story

All summer our bees buzzed and worked and expanded, filling out the hive with combs of honey. Their numbers grew and it was a joy to behold. At different times we became concerned about invading weevils, or water, or flowers. They survived 100F heat waves and high winds and all variations in local weather and bigger climate.

After a few months, we became complacent, and stopped worrying and assumed the bees, in their hives, where good for the winter. Everything was going just fine. Better than we expected.


note: Backdrop is an Oakland based project, and I used to live in Berkeley, and I just attended the Badcamp at Cal, so, my post goes here


How bees decide on a new hive

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I thought you might be interested in how bees work out what hive to pick. They vote!

They usually find about 20 different options within about 100 square kilometers, and about 90% of the time, the bee swarm succeeds in selecting (what appears to entomologists to be) the best one.



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