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The Future: Drupal 8 or Backdrop

I have a couple of local clients in VT (one is a PEG station) who are running Drupal 6 and are in need of an upgrade/overhaul. I was thinking setting them up with new Drupal 8 sites would be the best thing for them rather than Drupal 7. Drupal 8 code is really different and too OO and complex/abstracted for my tastes and skill level. Drupal 7 is fully developed and has all the goodies at present, but it might not be supported in 5 years, whereas Drupal 8 probably will be.

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Your Backdrop CMS strategy (see

What is Backdrop?
13% (1 vote)
Negative opinion of Backdrop
13% (1 vote)
Neutral opinion of Backdrop
38% (3 votes)
Positive opinion of Backdrop
38% (3 votes)
Using Backdrop
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8
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Wisdom of the Bees

let me share a story about a recent experience and perhaps it resonates around the Backdrop story

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Getting ready for 8

I found a post today called Drupal 8 Ready: What's new for Site Builders?
and it's making me want Drupal 8!

Who can be scared away with all of the projected great new features?

The two must reads are: and

On the other hand I'm also following quicksketch and BackDrop!

Are you brave or cautious?!

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Backdrop - a Drupal fork

At last months TC Drupal User Group meeting the subject of a possible Drupal fork came up in an interesting discussion about the move towards Drupal 8 and some of its growing pains.

Today, I learned that this fork has happened. As far as I can tell, this has been official for about a week.

Two of the best know proponents of Backdrop (the new Drupal fork) were at our Drupal Camp in July. Makes me wonder what kind of discussions may have been going on at camp that I was unaware of. :-) (Nate Haug and Jen Lampton)

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