Drupal Camp Mumbai

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2014-02-08 08:30 - 2014-02-09 18:00 Asia/Kolkata


We're back with the third iteration of DrupalCamp Mumbai #DrupalCampMumbai. This time it will be a truly exceptional gathering of Drupalers, newbies and veterans, from Mumbai and its surroundings.

Then we thought, why limit it to just Mumbai. So we roped in volunteers from Delhi/NCR, Pune, Jaipur, Srinagar, and more! What better way to celebrate the cosmopolitan nature of Mumbai, the maximum city!

Naturally, the main flavour this time will be to hold a true blue community event with representatives from a multi-faceted collective. The organising committee has been hard at work for the last six odd weeks with a bunch of committed individuals & enthusiasts from startups like Aiir.com, consulting & development firms like Axelerant, Blisstering Solutions, and consulting powerhouses and SIs like Capgemini and TCS. We are also partnering with the National Entrepreneurs Network (NENGlobal.org) to introduce some exciting workshops geared for startups and entrepreneurs.

The event will feature the expected DrupalCamp goodness:

  • Keynotes from influencers and luminaries in the Drupal community.
  • Headline Presentation on the latest buzz around Drupal 8 and the game changing features.
  • Sessions on multiple tracks (DevOps, Biz/Marketing, UX and Front-end+Mobile) and for multiple levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
  • CXO roundtable - where business leaders in the Drupal community can share knowledge and resolve issues with their peers.
  • Entrepreneurship Workshops with our partners from NEN with a focus on how Drupal can be a great choice for startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Barcamp-style rapid-fire interactive presentations by anyone who wants to showcase their work, engage with the, ask questions, share knowledge
  • Networking with other Drupalers,
  • Workshop and Training, such as Drupal in a Day
  • Codesprints and Hackathon for Drupal 8 development
  • And all the fun in between and after...

Lookout for regular updates and reach out to us on:

Twitter: @DrupalMumbai
Facebook: http://fb.me/DrupalMumbai
Google+: http://gplus.to/DrupalMumbai
email: info@DrupalCampMumbai.org

We are looking for more volunteers to come on board and help out. That means you! We need you to help with spreading the word on social media, website, student and college outreach, logistics and more.

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Drupal Developer Opening at Andheri salary no bar

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Hello ,
We have Drupal Developer Opening at Andheri salary no bar more info below...
Job Title: Drupal Developer
Location: Andheri
Required Skills: Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Java script, JQuery, Drupal, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Fluent English.
1) Good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache
2) Good understanding of Linux
3) Good knowledge of Javascript (also working experience on javascript frameworks such as JQuery, angular, NodeJS etc, is desirable)
4) Knowledge of deploying Drupal based sites /applications on production servers
5) Analysis of requirements and converting them into drupal concepts
Experience: 2-4 yrs in Drupal based development
Salary: Best In Industry.
Note: There would be a 1 year Bond.
For more info call on 8655118008 / 022-66154433
mail hr@placementmumbai.com Kindly put Sub as “Drupal Developer Andheri"

Vijay Bubna
Placement Mumbai

Don't hijack the thread

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This post is about Drupal camp Mumbai and we will very much appreciate if you post your job post in line with group rules i.e. by creating a new job in the group and not as comment to un-related post. Please go through net-etiquettes before posting on open source forums and discussion boards.

Dipen Chaudhary
Founder, QED42 http://www.qed42.com Drupal development

Hi Vijay, Please do not post

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Hi Vijay,

Please do not post job ads in discussion thread. Please delete this message and post it as job.

plz do not send job at this post

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plz do not send job at this post

Hi Guys, Any updates ?

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Hello Organizers,

Any updates on this front ? Please share with everyone what & where is the bottleneck. Maybe community members can help to speed up the process.

Also just curious, are we planning on two DCs in 2014 ? or this one which will be happening in Feb will be a combination of two.


Hi Swarad, DCM will be held

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Hi Swarad,

DCM will be held on 8th and 9th Feb. Please stay tuned, we will post more updates.

DCM registration is now Open I

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Hi All,

DCM dates are announced 8th and 9th Feb, registrations are now open, please visit http://drupalcampmumbai.org/ for regsitration.

DCM registration is now Open I

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Hi All,

DCM dates are announced 8th and 9th Feb, registrations are now open, please visit http://drupalcampmumbai.org/ for regsitration.

Proposed sessions not visible on the site

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Hi, I have registered for this event and looking forward to it.

On the site http://drupalcampmumbai.org/ where can i see the list of proposed sessions? Also the propose a new session form looks to be under development. Let me know how can i propose a session.

Hi Asif, You can visit

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Hi Asif,
You can visit http://drupalcampmumbai.org/node/add/session where you are able to see all information.

Proposed sessions list is

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Proposed sessions list is available at - http://drupalcampmumbai.org/program/sessions/proposed

You can propose a session - http://drupalcampmumbai.org/propose-session

However today is the last day of sessions proposals...



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nice to see again drupal mumbai camp. what is Event Address?


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Mayur, you can find venue details @ http://drupalcampmumbai.org/venue. Register yourself if you are planing to attend

Regarding installation of drupal on linode server

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Hi friends,

I am new to the installation of drupal.
I want to install drupal on linode server as i know its not a task to install on linode server and i want the site to run on port 8026.
So where to find the configuration files and where to put the drupal files.
I have placed the files in /srv/www/htdocs.
But unable to find the configuration files for the drupal to run the website.
Can anyone help me regarding the step-by-step installation of drupal on linode server.

Thanks in advance.

can i attend via online

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Hi rachit,

Can I attend camp online? I am not able to come mumbai. Please let me know any other way to interact via online or web cast


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