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Hi everybody,
I am using D7 and Quiz Module.
I have created a quiz contest using this module named ‘Math-test’. Under this ‘Math-test’ there are 100+ Multiple Choice Questions.
But I want that, user can participate on this contest ‘Math-test’ unlimited time and there will appear only 50 questions randomly.
If, how can I do this? Pls explain.

(Thanks in advance)


Navigate like

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Navigate like this....
maths-test----click on the EDIT TAB, look for the TAKING OPTION on the laft hand side, and click on it......
Then look for MULTIPLE TAKE on the page, choose UNLIMITED
Since you want 50 quiz to be taken, you will need to create a new quiz
e,g Math test 1, add 50 questions to it.
Maths test 2, add 50 questions to it, you can also create a menu for each quiz,
if you want unlimited take for each math quiz,follow the step i outline above

I hope i tried

i want to assign the number

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i want to assign the number of question to be taking by authentication user, That is 50 questions out of 200 questions in my database



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