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This is a group to discuss developments in the quiz module and it's development. This group hopes to be a place to discuss new exciting ideas and implementations.

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When can we use the quiz plugin for d8?

When can we use the quiz plugin for d8?

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Debugging on SQL Server

I'm trying to debug Quiz and get it running on SQL Server, any help would be appreciated, new to drupal module maintenance, so don't know if this is spot for such conversation...

Quiz installed ok on SQL Server.

Cannot create 1st quiz record, crashes on SAVE. Confused about the quiz_save_properties() function where it crashes on the db_query.

On 1st quiz create, quiz_node_properties table is empty, so db_query will return null (if it didn't crash). The entity_save() would then save quiz with a qnp_id of null.

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How to add an anchor to quiz submit/skip/back url

I am new to drupal as a developer. I am using drupal 7 and the quiz module. I would like to add to the URL for when a user is taking a multiple choice quiz and clicks one of the buttons back/submit/quiz, so that the quiz page is shown from the anchor #quiz-progress or similar.

I've been trying to figure out the $form array and been looking in the functions
sl_quiz_form_quiz_question_answering_form_alter and _sl_quiz_question_answering_form_submit
in sl_quiz_module, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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H5P now available for Drupal 8, implemented as a field type

We're happy to announce that we now have a release candidate available for Drupal 8. This brings all the H5P content types to Drupal 8 including:

Quiz, Interactive Video, Interactive Presentations, Image Hotspots, Accordion and more...

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Category wise scores for Quiz Question results

Over the past 10 days, I have tried creating a online Quiz portal. I have tried Moodle, TAO, Wordpress, Joomla and some stand alone Quiz scripts (Open source). And I can confidently say that Quiz on Drupal is the most intuitive!

However, the one feature that is a 'must have' for me is to be able to have a category-wise analysis of the results.

I.e. If final quiz is 100 questions and consists of 10 questions (pulled randomly from Question bank ) from 10 different categories, the final results for the user should show overall score + the category-wise scores.

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Quiz Drupal 8

When to use Drupal 8 in the quiz plugin?

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Exporting User results using views- for the user not admins.


I have been trying to figure this out for a while.
I need to allow the users of our site taking an assessment using the quiz module to export their results in an excel CSV with 1. The question 2. their answer to the question 3. points they received from the question

That's it! And for some reason I just can't figure it out... simple as it may be. Sigh..
If I could export the quiz-results page the user receives after completing the quiz, that would be great too! I am trying to locate that view in the Quiz module core so I can copy it and import it but I cannot find it yet.

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Displaying MCQ Question With right answer if accessed outside of Quiz. Is it possible??

I don't know is it a right place to post my problem or not but i am seeking a solution regarding Multiple choice questions.

I want if MCQ question is in the quiz then answers must not be shown as it is already functioning but if MCQ question accessed outside of quizz as a single question then it must be shown with right answer selected.

Because each question in the quizz has it's own node and if end user landed on that node through search engine then that question must be shown with right selected answer.

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How i can get user fails in first lesson?

How i can get user fails in first lesson in quiz_finished hook?

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Can't theme quiz result for 7.x-5.0-rc2 (quiz/theme/quiz-report-form.tpl.php not executed)


I'm trying to theme the quiz report output that goes to the quiz taker when they complete a quiz. for release alpha10, The customer only wants the user to see incorrectly answered questions, not all questions with their answers.

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how to configure a personality quiz with Multiple Answers??

Hi everyone.

I'm new to drupal and quiz module and need to develop a quiz for a personality test; teh test has the next specifications:
*Every question have 5 answers
*Each answers give some specific points (more than 1).
*The user can only select 1 answer.
*There is not a correct answer.
*I don't want that the users can select more than one answer.

I tried with multiple answers but i have to check the correct checkbox for every answer and that's doesn't what i want.

Any suggestion? Hope be clear about the specification about the test.
Thanks in advanced.

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Exercises for skills courses

Quiz is a good module for many situations, but it's not as useful for skills courses as it might be. As far as feedback is concerned, learning research suggests that students need:

  • Hands-on exercises, e.g., write programs
  • Formative feedback, that is, a list of what is right and wrong with a submission
  • Opportunities to resubmit until the exercise is complete
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Unlock allowed number of attempts

Dear All,
In my site I created quiz content and set Allowed number of attempts.

  1. I set allowed number of attempts is 5. I test with a student user take a quiz 5 times. The user can't access to that quiz more time. I want to reset allowed number of attempts for the student. So, they can they can take the quiz 5 times again.
    How to do that?
  2. I want to choose allowed number of attempts from 1 to 20.
    How to do that?

Thank you so much,

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Keeping multi-subjects score

I want to have questions for each subjects, the user get quiz with mix questions from different subject (the questions combination is pre-define by the author), and get score for each subject.
Example: Having quiz with 2 math questions, 3 Physics questions & 2 Language questions. Getting 3 scores: math, Physics & Language, each score is the combination of all the results given for the subject.

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Many new features and four new content types available for H5P

With the latest version of H5P users may copy and paste entire interactions:
Animation illustrating copy and paste

And also bring content to front more easily, as well as many other improvements.

Four new content types has also been added: Arithmetic Quiz, Collage, Charts and Impressive Presentation.

Learn more and try it out in the interactive release note.

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New H5P Release!

We've made Interactive Video much, much better, created a new content type, improved the user experience for authors and a lot more.

Are you familiar with H5P? Learn about the latest features in the October release note :)

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Has anyone found a way to track quiz grades for a class for a semester? I know the GradeBook module conflicts with Quiz, but I can't find another solution. Bill

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Can we make the quiz open next day if the user is failed.

Hi All,

I am new to drupal. I want to make a condition where one user has failed or could not earn the minimum score, for a particular quiz, I want to make it blocked for that day for that particular user. And only in the next day, the user should allowed to appear for the quiz again. Currently I have set Allowed number of attempts= 1 and it prevents taking the quiz again.

If anybody can help me in this matter, please point me in the right direction.

All patches are welcomed.

I am using quiz 7.x-4.0-rc1

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June release of H5P - two new content types, xAPI upgrades and more

The main focus this time has been in documentation. For developers wanting to create or modify H5P content types the documentation is way better.

But we also found the time to create a new question type, a documentation tool, improve xAPI support and more.

Click the image below to read about the new stuff:
June release note

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Other presentaiton of quiz result

I am building a quiz for voters to find out which party to vote for.
For every political subject I list the opinion for every party as alternatives in multiple choice questions. Then the user marks which opinion or opinions (alternatives) they support. The quiz result I am looking for, is a result of how many marks for every party listed e.g. in Top3. So the user see which party fits best his og hers opinion across various political subjects. I guess need to Work with Views but I can not find the right fields e.g. field for alternative ?
Looking forward to hear from you - thank you

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