Has anyone used the Flickr Sync module?

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Exploring some media options, and Flickr Sync looked like it might be a valid way of storing our photo media. https://drupal.org/project/flickrsync

Any opinions?


Third party "free" hosting services

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I've never used this module. I enjoy exploiting reliable, third-party options when they're available, so I am favorable to something like this. I like that it will manage corresponding nodes on your site. What I don't like is:

  • the code is beta
  • Hasn't been updated in 11 months
  • and the user base is a low number

Caveat Modular


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Do you presently have lots of images on Flicker? If not, Brilliant Gallery (https://drupal.org/project/brilliant_gallery) and Node Gallery (https://drupal.org/project/node_gallery still in beta)are two modules I have used a bit and been satisfied with the results.

lots of images

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I presently have about 38 GB of photos on our server that I would like available in an online Media Library- but I want to keep storage costs as low as possible, and preferably photo copies as limited as possible too.

Flickr offers 1 TB free storage, Media can link to it easily, and there is freeware I can use to synchronize the server files with the flickr account. (once I've confirmed its legit)