Why is Views (on saving) spitting out a screen of garbage?

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Could anyone provide any insight as to why views is spitting out garbage on saving content?

Basically it goes to a white page with loads of garbled text on it.

It appears to save the view but once it renders the garbage page I then have to re-navigate back to views (which is a major headache) to make any changes (and then again when I save its back to square one with garbled text).

See screenshot (which is only part of it).

Thank you


Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 14.55.18.png775.2 KB


Looks like a AJAX or atleast

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Looks like a AJAX or atleast some kind of JSON based request is freaking out

try turning off any 'overlay' etc modules too

Thanks, but tried turning on

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Thanks, but tried turning off overlay and the problem's still there.

Hi It means that some java

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It means that some java script error on this base that's why drupal ajax crashing on this page.

  1. First look into console might be some errors into it.
  2. Change browser if you are working into bloody IE.
  3. If you still facing error then change theme if you are not working into drupal core themes.
  4. At the end disable some modules which are suspicious.


Thank you 1) When you say

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Thank you

1) When you say look in the console, where so you mean? On Firebug, only it doesn't appear to be showing anything?

2) No difference on browser.

3) Changed theme to Bartik and no difference.

4) Will try and see if there are any other modules causing problems.

Think I've found the module

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Think I've found the module that is screwing everything up. I've just disabled jQuery Update
7.x-2.3-alpha1+0-dev (needed dev version) and views now appears to working. Does this make sense that this module might cause this issue?

Ok enable it again and go to

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Ok enable it again and go to its configuration and check which jquery version it is using. I think 1.7 is suitable for it. Anyway you check it by change different jquery versions(I think jquery 1.8 create problem for drupal but i am not sure).


Damn got there first.

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Spessex You got there just before I was able to post, had exact same issue and narrowed down to jquery update. I had bootstrap theme installed.

Not sure why it causes issue and it only seems to be some themes as I have same modules and different theme and the same level of views development and none of the same issues. (same host environment as well) report it as a bug on Drupal.org. I cannot recreate. Also there were no drupal errors nor php errors logged.

Well done, if I was not so busy I would have remembered the cure and saved you half an hour.

My experience

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I tried asghars suggestion and it made no difference. I think spessex solution (though possibly introducing some jquery stability issues) is the only working one.

It was not an issue for me as turning off jquery update during the views dev was not an issue as had no interface with any dependencies on jquery (apart from bootstrap) When I get to theming then I may have fun.

But with no trail to follow (ie no logs and differing error pages) how do you debug this?


JQuery update 1.8

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In Views and Pannels for that matter use of Drupal backend and jQuery update with 1.8 version is not working changing the version from 1.8 to 1.7 have solved the problem for us. Google or CDN don't matter, they have changed something in 1.8 used by the ajax functions, if it is Drupal in general or specific I don't know.

Hi Stephen, Issue is in the

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Hi Stephen,

Issue is in the javascript error in ctools module. Use latest version of ctools.

And your issue will be over.

Updating ctools didn't help

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I tried bapi_22's suggestion but that didn't work. Changing jQuery update from 1.8 to 1.7 worked for me.

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