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Obtener información de una base de datos en otro servidor

Buenas tardes a todos, estoy intentando obtener información de una base de datos alojada en un servidor distinto a donde tengo mi sitio drupal, la idea es que cada usuario ingrese su usuario y contraseña y en un nodo por cada usuario logeado se muestre la información contenida en la base de datos del servidor externo, la verdad soy nuevo en drupal y no tengo idea de por donde empezar, había pensado en hacer views con filtros contextuales pero la verdad no estoy seguro, y pues la seguridad también es un punto importante. Gracias!!!

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Exporting User results using views- for the user not admins.


I have been trying to figure this out for a while.
I need to allow the users of our site taking an assessment using the quiz module to export their results in an excel CSV with 1. The question 2. their answer to the question 3. points they received from the question

That's it! And for some reason I just can't figure it out... simple as it may be. Sigh..
If I could export the quiz-results page the user receives after completing the quiz, that would be great too! I am trying to locate that view in the Quiz module core so I can copy it and import it but I cannot find it yet.

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Views filter Discusson (comments) by new comments

Hi, Pulling what's left of hair out...

So creating a view to show just "new" comments in discussion content type.

For interest this is to display "menu badge" icon on a "forum" section that I have created.

I can see that OA has "new" status possibly using the 'flags' module...but can not seem to leverage this a relationship or filter .

Looking for pointers ...tried using PHP filter in view luck so far...
return comment_num_new($data->nid) == 0;

help much appreciated thanks in advance.


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Catalog Style Views of Orgs

I am trying to create a "catalog" style view of organizations. The site is a Chamber of Commerce site and the Orgs are usually business members and the catalog view would be for visitors to the site to use for finding local businesses that are chamber members.

So I have created a taxonomy with terms and sub-terms to categorize those businesses. I'd like to show the parent terms with all of their sub-terms on a page. So:

Banking and Finance
-Financial Planning

Computers & Technology
-Computer Services
-Web Design

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Drupal 8.1で開発中です。以下の事柄に、4,5日取り組んでいますが、どうにも行き詰っていますので、ヒントや解決方法などお教えいただけるとありがたいです。




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How to return a view that FULLY matches profile with node

My issue is that I have a view that returns: (1) A field that the user has selected in their profile (Eg items in my inventory) (2) A field that has a task (which then shows the items that the task needs in order to be completed).

I want to set it up so that views checks to see if the individual has the necessary pieces and only shows tasks where the user has ALL the items.

I can get it so that it displays only the currently logged in user.

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Problemas con carga de imágenes views y field

Saludos amigos

Recientemente tengo problemas con la visualización de imágenes en mi sitio web responsivo (sobre todo cuando entro de móvil) tanto en views como en field_image, ante una reciente actualización de Varnish supuse que esa era la causa del problema y deinstalé el módulo así como memcached, luego borré cache, reinicié varios servicios pero pasó esto:

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Problem with SQL statement in Views D7

Hi there, I'm hoping a SQL ninja will find it in his or her heart to provide me with some advice.

I've created a page view which does the following:

  1. Pulls in nodes from two different content types
  2. Filters by two different term references, one for each content type.

It's not working, although in my mind (and limited sql understanding), it should. I think maybe there's an issue with the inner joins, because it seems the sql statement would working if they weren't there.

Anyways, I've attached two images, one of the api and one of the actual sql statement.

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Views on Alternate Database


I am a Drupal learner but have quite a bit of other software and database experience, I would say semi-professional. Is there a way to use Views on an alternate database (i.e., not the Drupal one for the web site) without writing php code - or at least very little php code (since I have no php experience)?


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