Suggestions for sharing some content across 2 domains

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Two Drupal websites with different content but sharing the posts from the same blog... Any thoughts that don't involve posting twice?


If they are running on the

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If they are running on the same server, that sounds like the job of the Domain Access module ( - allows you to run different domains off of one installation, and share some content between the sites.

Domain Access is really cool

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A really cool option for multiple domains off of one Drupal install. Might want to use Taxonomy to catagorize your posts and Views to filter by topic for greater control on each domain.

Are they

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From what I'm hearing, you might try using the Feeds module to share the blog:

The Domain module has views

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The Domain module has views integration so you can filter views by domain without using taxonomies. However, domain is a BIG change to a Drupal site and not a choice to be taken lightly. If all you want to do is publish an RSS feed from another site, then the feeds module is the way to go.

Iterestingly, WordPress has many modules that publish RSS links as a sidebar widget, but I don't know of anything in Drupal to do that other than to use Feeds to import the content as a node.

...but I don't know of

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...but I don't know of anything in Drupal to do that other than to use Feeds...

Actually I'm quite certain you do know of something in Drupal, but you're just overlooking it: Aggregator. And it's in Drupal 7 core.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a go at both suggestions in dev while I await clarification from the client.

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