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I am looking at RedHen as an alternative to Civi on a site that is in development but not yet public. I currently have set up using Ubercart for products, but need to develop a system for paid event registration.

If I use RH instead of Civi, I understand that I would need the Entity Registration module and a commerce module to handle paid event registrations.

What I'm not sure about is, could I do this with Ubercart or does it have to be Drupal Commerce?

I haven't used Commerce and already am familiar with and have 100s of products set up in UC so it would be great to use that, if I can.

Has anyone done this? Any advice would be very appreciated!


here's what I know...

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...which is less than what others know, but they haven't responded yet... so...

The Registration module creates a field that can be added to any type of entity. So you could add that field to an Ubercart product. They would not be integrated the the way that registration_commerce and commerce_registration integrate them. But you might be able get something tolerable working... perhaps user pays for product and then Rules redirects them to the registration? Can help you get your Ubercart products into Commerce if you want.