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Catalog Style Views of Orgs

I am trying to create a "catalog" style view of organizations. The site is a Chamber of Commerce site and the Orgs are usually business members and the catalog view would be for visitors to the site to use for finding local businesses that are chamber members.

So I have created a taxonomy with terms and sub-terms to categorize those businesses. I'd like to show the parent terms with all of their sub-terms on a page. So:

Banking and Finance
-Financial Planning

Computers & Technology
-Computer Services
-Web Design

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Blog series comparing CRM Core and Redhen

Hi folks,

I just started a blog about digital experience management with Drupal, and am writing a series comparing CRM Core and Redhen features. A lot of people seem to have questions about the similarities and differences between the two modules. Since I am researching just that for a project now, I figured I would share my findings.

The first post is here:

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Why did you choose Redhen or CRM Core?

I am just curious to hear why people chose to use CRM Core or Redhen for their particular projects over other available options (Profile, 3rd party CRM, etc). I am currently evaluating CRM solutions for a project I am working on, and am interested in hearing stories from others who have gone through similar processes and settled on a native CRM solution.

I am not looking to start a debate about which of these modules - Redhen or CRM Core - is better than the other, or the differences between the two. I spent a good deal of time with each, and think they are both great modules.

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Redhen taxonomy best practices

Can someone please shed some light, best practices, or war stories on RedHen nomenclature?

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Link a New Contact with an organization


I'm new to Red Hen, and I have had a lot of experience with CiviCRM, but I am ready to jump into the Red Hen flock (I raise chickens too, so it's a good match). Enough of that.

I hope someone can help me with the following flow: A new user signs up. During registration, RedHen contact info is collected. One piece that is also collected is, using check boxes, s/he can select one or more organizations that s/he is affiliated with, and that already exist as organizations in RedHen.

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Creating an Organization, Contact and activity at the same time.

I have been evaluating RedHen and to a lesser extent crm_core, and am running onto a missing feature that I would have thought was pretty common. Am I am missing something obvious.

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RedHen and Ubercart?

I am looking at RedHen as an alternative to Civi on a site that is in development but not yet public. I currently have set up using Ubercart for products, but need to develop a system for paid event registration.

If I use RH instead of Civi, I understand that I would need the Entity Registration module and a commerce module to handle paid event registrations.

What I'm not sure about is, could I do this with Ubercart or does it have to be Drupal Commerce?

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[Closed] Drupal 7+ CRM Project Developer Position | Stoneacre Inc.

Employment type: 


Stoneacre, Inc. is looking for developer(s) who can build a CRM site in Drupal 7+. We are looking to work specifically with local developers (i.e., NC/SC based).

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